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slither.io Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide To Becoming The Best Snake

slither.io Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide To Becoming The Best Snake

You may remember a game by the name of “agar.io” a couple months ago that got popular very quickly. Today, we have for you slither.io! Slither.io plays just like agar.io, but with the rules of the classic game “Snake” implemented! Make other snakes collide with your body to make them explode, then eat their remains to grow longer. The longest snake on the server becomes the top snake of the leaderboard, so we are here to help you with our slither.io cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to becoming the best snake!

1. Use your speed boost!

Trapping opponents is the name of the game here, and to do that, you’re going to have to outwit them and outmaneuver them! You can speed up by double tapping the screen and holding. Your snake will begin to glow and you’ll be moving at a considerably faster pace! For as long as you hold your speed boost, you will be constantly losing length at the tail end of your snake; a trail of small particles will be left behind as you move. You lose length at about 5 per second, but it’s worth it if you can secure a kill!

2. Stay away from others for easy growth!

At the bottom right corner of the screen, you’ll see a little circle split into four quadrants. There’s a little white dot on it, as well. That dot represents you and your current location on the map. Turns out that the world of slither.io is kind of big, so you can explore around if you want. If you prefer, you can avoid the conflict that is usually occurring around the center of the map by drifting off into the outlands. Here, you can quietly absorb stray particles without a care in the world.

3. Hunt others for lots of particles!

… Or, if you like, you can take a much more aggressive approach. Once you’ve got a bit of length on your snake, you can try to take down other snakes. By taking advantage of the speed boost mentioned above, you can pull some sneaky surprise attacks. You’ve probably noticed by now but the turning speed in this game is a little slow, depending on where you tap. You can take advantage of this by riding alongside another snake, then quickly speed boosting to overtake them and try to make them crash into you. Hopefully if you do it fast enough, they won’t be able to react quickly enough and they’ll slam straight into you.

4. Watch out when you get big!

Remember, the bigger you get, the bigger the target is on your back. Other players will constantly try to find ways to slip you up, so be on guard at all times! Of course, you have the upper hand, and if you have plenty of length to spare, you can easily surround and trap another snake if you’re long enough. It’s also important to note that unlike the classic Snake, you cannot crash into your own body, which means that even when you get outrageously huge, you won’t be able to trap yourself. You want to be especially careful with the little guys. As backwards as it sounds, their lesser length gives them a bit more maneuverability around your snake’s head.

5. Act like a vulture!

If you see two other snakes duking it out, try to stay nearby but don’t get too close; you don’t want to alarm them! Whoever ends up biting the dust, quickly swoop in and eat as many particles as you can. You can get by very efficiently if you stick to this strategy, and you never have to work for your own food! Just be careful of players who catch wind of this, as they will relentlessly hunt you down!

6. You can play Slither.io in your browser, too
If you’re having trouble accessing the main slither.io site or the game won’t run for whatever reasons, there are other places you can also access this game, like Poki where you can play slitherio for free.

We played slither.io and we made it to the top 10 snakes, albeit very briefly. It’s a fun and addicting game, so if you’ve got any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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slither.io Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide To Becoming The Best Snake


  1. When a snake circles you, you can try to get they’re heads in the middle while it’s sticking out. When done, you can eat lots of particles from the bigger snake!

  2. Getting big is easy if you know what to do. I prefer finding a big guy (make sure your game doesn’t lag though) and staying near his tail and wait for him to eventually die. Then you have a green light to eat as much mass as you can! If you see another snake slurping the other side of you try to juke them out and get them killed. Make sure to be careful when eating all the mass!!

  3. Thanks for this article. You mentioned that keeping away from other snakes as a part of the tips. Maybe it’s me, but staying away from other players is not a good idea. The fastest grow you can get is by eating other particles like you mentioned in the next part. Staying away from other snakes is a little bit boring :D But nice for learning the mechanics and general gameplay. If you want to read some other tips aswell I recommend you But anyway, nice tips!

    • 1- You have to type in this in on your computer: slitherplusio
      2 – download it onto chrome
      3 – when you do that enable it to be in the TOP RIGHT CORNER OF THE SCREEN IN CHROME
      4 – when you open slither.io ( it’s still slitherplusio in the top right corner ) there should be a bunch of controls on the left side of your screen. Keep tapping R until you see a skin you like (if you have the keys on the left side of the screen)

  4. You should also circle orbs you want or other snakes so nobody get to them. Just watch out for larger snakes because while you’re distracted circling your snake or orbs, they will try and do the same to you!!!!

  5. Use a Figure 8 if u are circled then they will help and it can surrond 2 or more players but i would recommend being 3000+ also if you Use Figure 8 it is less risky than going round in a small circle

  6. Also what works for me is, when you see a snake that is attacking you juke them, then when they try and leave when they get bored you attack and kill.

  7. My tip is to surround other players and when they syrround you if you are little then go the other way from them and go straight. And if you are big, you your boost and go where there are head and tail is coming together.

  8. The absolute best thing you can do once you get big is to; when you kill another play don’t eat him. Just make big circles around the parts. People will see it as free food when they pounce on it quickly close you loop and feast. Just remember to leave a fair amount of your prey left to lure others in for the kill.

    • When I’m small 180-250, I try to get huge snakes to surround me but only if there are other huge snakes nearby. I make a figure 8 inside the circle and buy out time so that other big snakes threaten to circle the one around me. When the one surrounding me starts to pull away to protect itself from other large ones he/she forgets about me. I dive towards its head and just around it and execute it and go after half of its particles. I watch as the other big snake firs after the other half of the particles. There will be many battles occurring instantly, but I curl in a ball and keep my head inside my ball, just waiting for a big death. As soon as there is a big death I surround everything living or dead and if I get around several who are fighting it out, eventually they kill each other off and all of it is mine. I am usually immediately on the leaderboard right then, so I go from very very small to leaderboard within only three planned moves. I’m only able to pull it off once or twice for every dozen or so times I try it, but it is amazing. 100 to 20,000 in 3 moves, takes about one minute. You have to be Willing my to make yourself be the bait and get trapped. Being trapped is not a bad thing, if you know how to use it as a tool.

  9. My snake is called hehehe
    At one time, I was called play howrse for free. Then I was called play divergent books
    I have changed my names a bit :D

    Anyone know what that weird snake is that always appears? I have seen it, and 2-3 at the same time with the same name! They normally just go in a straight line, and hit into the first thing they see (it’s as if no one is playing them). But not always. Do you guys know what this is?

  10. Heyy, great game, i play on mobile and slither io is super addicting and fun, sometimes i get sneak attacked and i die… but thats okay. To me playing on the ai is super easy and its kinda confusing bc the snakes/worm like… NEVER USE THE SPEED BOOST. And i always love playing slither so thank u for making this amazing game. :)


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