BoomBit Inc. has released another silly yet simple and fun game to play! Slingshot Rush has you swingin’ around like a sling shot. The controls are simple – just tap and hold to attach to a sling point, then let go to launch yourself. Don’t be deceived though, as with BoomBit’s other games, this one is pretty challenging! We’ll help you get the high scores with our Slingshot Rush cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Keep your finger out of view!

This may sounds like, “duh,” right? But for the longest time we didn’t realize that our own hands were blocking our view. We instinctively kept our fingers near the middle of our devices to tap, and that is a big no-no! Try to keep your fingers near the bottom of your screen, as you really need to be able to see what’s ahead of you. The course runs its path through the center of the screen, so just watch for that.

2. Follow the yellow diamonds!

On certain turns, you’ll see a row of yellow diamonds for you to follow. Try to set up your sling so that you follow the curve exactly, as it shows the most efficient path for you to take. It’ll take a couple tries to tell when and where to use your sling, so don’t sweat it if you mess up a bunch of times trying to do this.

3. Ride it out!

Sometimes, you might not even need to sling to get around a corner. If you skip a sling point and just keep going straight, you might be able to make a turn without ever slinging. Just be careful not to do this too much in a row, however. You might find yourself on a collision course with a wall and no amount of slinging around will save you!

4. Don’t hold for too long!

When you attach to a sling point, make sure not to hold your sling for too long. Doing so will cause you to slam straight into a wall if you circle around the sling point too much. Hold your sling until you’re lined up with the upcoming turn, then let go. Not too early, not too late, and you’ll be just fine!

5. Don’t tap rapidly!

Tapping rapidly is the quickest way to send your little guy out of control! Attaching your sling in sporadic bursts will make your momentum really awkward and hard to control, so precise, short taps with long intervals in between are best for keeping your movement under control. Relax, and try not to panic!

That’s all for Slingshot Rush. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!


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