Slidout Is a Puzzle Game Like No other, Out on iOS and Android Now


Slidout is a unique and engaging puzzler that’s out right now for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. It takes ideas from a whole swathe of genre classics, then blends them together to create something that feels fresh and comfortable at the same time.

The main mechanic involves sliding blocks left and right around the screen. You’re swiping them to clear a path for a collection of balls. Get those balls to the bottom of the screen and you’ll finish the level.

There’s more to it than that, though. You need to collect keys, avoid challenging obstacles and make sure you’re thinking a few moves ahead if you want to succeed. All of the levels here are going to test your brain in some really interesting ways.

Those levels aren’t the product of some algorithm, either. Instead every member of the team at Vixa, from developers to artists, hand-crafted a couple of levels themselves. That adds a rich thread of variety to Slidout that a lot of other games just can’t offer.

Throw in the fact that there are no time-limits on the level, and you’ve got yourself a relaxing puzzler that ticks all of the right boxes. You can even replay levels you’ve finished to discover new strategies, exploring different ways of getting the balls where they need to go.

As well as the amazing gameplay on offer, Slidout is also a premium experience. For a one off-payment you get the whole kaboodle. There are no IAPs and no in-game store to distract you from your puzzle-solving adventure.

The game is super-polished, incredibly well thought out, and looks stunning too. In short, it’s got everything that you’d want from a premium puzzling package. And, luckily, you can download Slidout from the App Store and Google Play Store right this second. 


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Slidout Is a Puzzle Game Like No other, Out on iOS and Android Now


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