Grab your plane and get ready to surf! Sky Surfing is a simple one-touch endless runner that is very reminiscent of games like Flappy Bird. Fly through narrow passageways to earn points, but earn even more points by landing on the platform to charge up your boost. Once filled, let it rip and surf through the skies! Our Sky Surfing cheats and tips will help you surf like a pro!

Sky Surfing is all about living on the edge and boosting as much as you can. We’ll help you get all the surfing tricks down in our Sky Surfing cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Master surf charging!

Try to get in as much surf charging as possible, even on the tiniest platforms. Charging up is a great way to boost your score and get a lot of coins, so you want to charge up as fast as you can. You can surf charge on just about any platform as long as it’s flat. Don’t try to charge up on the spiky obstacles that shift around, as you will crash right into them if you land.

Get dodge bonuses!

When you barely graze an obstacle or platform, you will see a yellow exclamation mark pop up next to your plane – this is called a Dodge Bonus. Dodge bonuses are awarded when you narrowly miss an obstacle, and they’re worth a lot of points.

High risk, high reward! You shouldn’t try to get dodge bonuses right off the bat, as you will most likely just end up killing yourself over and over again.

Look for the Partner!

Occasionally, you may receive a message that your Partner has arrived on the scene. We’re not quite sure who your partner is, but they’re quite helpful. They will fly in quite a distance ahead of you, but they will leave behind coin clusters.

These coins will appear as one coin at first, but upon collecting them they will burst into many coins. If you’re looking to increase your coin reserves, make sure not to miss any of the coins your partner leaves behind!

Follow the Fairy!

Similar to the Partner, sometimes a Fairy will fly into your path, and the game will notify you of it. The fairy will continue to fly forward but at a slower pace than you – eventually you will catch up.

Running into the Fairy will cause you to be warped to an alternate dimension where a ton of coins await you. This is basically the Partner in a different look, but still valuable as a way to get lots of coins.

Complete the Badges!

Badges are basically this game’s version of achievements, but they also provide you with permanent buffs! There’s pretty much a badge for everything, including the number of times you’ve sprinted, the amount of times you used the raffle draw, and so forth. When you unlock a badge, the bonus is automatically applied to any future runs.

For example, the “Can’t Stop” badge is the one you get for playing a certain amount of runs.

For playing 30 runs, you will be awarded with the first level of the badge, which increases your overall surf charging speed by 10%. Badges are the key to powering up your runs!

That’s all for Sky Surfing! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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