True Axis’ skating game True Skate has received a brand new update today, including some new content that will make fans of the game truly happy.

The new addition is a brand new stage called Double Infinity for obvious reasons, as it’s shaped like the infinity symbol. In the new stage gamers will be able to do what skaters do like grinding, doing back-flips and more. It’s not much, especially when compared to the previous updates, but it’s still better than nothing if you’re still playing the game and want to experience more of it.


The Double Infinity update is the first to last update that’s currently planned for the game. Another new update, including another stage, will be released in around a month.

True Skate is one of the best games released on iOS devices, thanks to its engaging gameplay experience. A game that’s easy to pick up and play and keeps players engaged is a rare gem these days, so make sure to check this game out if you never had the chance before.

True Skate is now available for purchase on the App Store for the price of $1.99. The new Double Infinity update is now  available for  $1.99.



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