The simulation game Papers, Please, released a while back on PC, is finally going to be released tomorrow on the App Store.

The game was submitted a while back to Apple for certification but was eventually refused due to “pornographic material”, most likely referring to the security scanner option that allows players to scan individuals to nudity.

Papers, Please is a rather unique simulation game where players will take the role of a border guard of the fictional country of Arstotzka and decide who can enter the country, who gets rejected and who gets arrested.

The iPad version of Papers, Please will include all the content of the PC version like all the 31 days and the 20 different endings. A new multitouch mode has also been included in the new version of the game to make sorting and checking papers smoother and more comfortable as ell as a new enhanced inspection mode.

Papers, Please will be released on the App Store tomorrow for only $5.99. The price will rise to $7.99 in the following days so make sure to purchase the game as soon as it releases if you want to pay less for it.



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