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Simon’s Cat Crunch Time Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Simon’s Cat Crunch Time Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Simon’s Cat and friends are here and they’ve got a predicament in Simon’s Cat Crunch Time! Those dastardly crows have stolen their tasty treats, and it’s up to you to save the day! In this charming match-3 puzzle game, you’ll match multicolored treats to feed Simon’s Cat and his pals. Our Simon’s Cat Crunch Time cheats and tips will show you how to match your way to treat heaven!

Simon’s Cat Crunch Time is a pretty standard match-3 game, so you probably know what to expect. There’s still some stuff to go over, so let’s get started with our Simon’s Cat Crunch Time cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Conserve your moves!

These kitty treats aren’t free! Every move you make on the board goes towards the counter at the top left corner of the screen. Be sure to try to conserve your moves as much as you can, because it helps with getting three stars. When you beat a level, any moves you have left over in your counter will turn random treats on the board into special treats!

The leftover special treats will explode and net you a bunch of extra points. In a lot of cases, those last few points are what you need to push your score over the three star threshold. Conserving your moves is important!

Do the Daily Quest!

Once you beat level 12, you’ll unlock Daily Quest. The Daily Quest is a fixed level handpicked for the day. Beating the Daily Quest level will grant you awesome goodies, including coins, boosters, and more. Make sure to come back and complete the Daily Quest every day, as the rewards get better and better the more you do them.

Utilize the special treats!

Thinking laterally is the key to beating the levels in a timely manner! That is to say, if you can’t reach something like goldfish directly, try clearing it from afar using special treats. Remember that special treats activate on the last treat your chain ends on, so take advantage of that to reach far-off objectives.

Push same type treats together!

So as you’ve probably learned by now, making big treat chains is the way to go in Simon’s Cat Crunch Time. To do so, you’ll need treats to bunch up together so you can match them all in one go. There’s a simple trick we like to rely on when trying to do this, and that’s to match treats near the bottom of the board. If you’ve got a small patch of the same kind of treat, try matching the treats below it.

The reason for this is that matching treats near the bottom of the board usually ends up creating more space for new treats. New treats means more chances of the same type treats falling into your patch!

Try out boosts and call for friends!

If you’re having trouble with a particular level, consider using some of your boosts to give you that extra edge! And, even if you’re still having trouble, you can rely on your friends for extra lives. If you’ve connected your Facebook account to the game, you can ask for more lives. It’s the standard for match-3 games but it really helps here!

That’s all for Simon’s Cat Crunch Time! If you’ve got any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Simon’s Cat Crunch Time Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


  1. I’m stuck on 104. Explain what ? means and what color makes a color…. BTW I hate the changing balloons! I LOVE the water balloons and puffs. Where are directions to this game? I’m just winging it. I had to win a game 4 times before it moved up a level. Ugh! HELP! Thanks

  2. You need to get rid of all the mounds. It helps to use a lot of frosted treats, to clear out whole rows of mounds at a time. It may also help to use a paintbrush at the beginning, to turn treats the same color and make longer strings to get more frosted treats.

    The level can be done. Good luck!

    • I used the booster of two extra special frosting treats, cans that cahnge the color of treats and watched add for addition special treat. Using the special treats and chinging the color of some of the treats under the glass was a huge help in this level. Took several tries but you’ll get there. I completed the game, in the thousands levels waiting for more to be added. good luck!

  3. Could you please explain which each booster does and which is the best one to have? Without any instructions, it’s hard to know. Did you buy boosters or earn them?

  4. There really should be a place that tells you what the xtras do on tge left of the page, i.e. the bee! This game frustrates me when I get almost to the top of the thermometer and miss by 1 piece & have to start over. Thinking of deleting the game!

  5. I have NO idea how to play the daily quests. There is no explanation I can find anywhere. HOW do I play this? I just started playing this the other day and am on 30 right now. Please help!


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