Silly Walks Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


The evil Blender has kidnapped your foodie friends and now it’s up to you to rescue them! Silly Walks is a one-touch adventure game where you get to play as food that needs to rescue food! Our Silly Walks cheats and tips will show you how to navigate the perilous kitchen without getting smashed by meat hammers or chopped by razor sharp knives!

There’s lots of silly actions to take in here, but don’t be fool – this game is quite challenging! Let’s get started with our Silly Walks cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Tap rapidly for a quick jog!

You can slide anywhere on the screen to perform a quick dash. This will send your foodie flying in the direction they’re currently facing. Be careful – this thing can easily get you killed if you’re using it haphazardly! If you want to get somewhere quicker but not quite that fast, try tapping rapidly. Rapidly switching feet will make your foodie shuffle in a somewhat straight line in a faster pace than normal. This is useful for crossing dangerous gaps that need to be traversed quickly.

Complete all the missions!

Each level has three missions you can complete to earn a star. Two of the stars are related to clearing the level and getting rid of an obstacle that impedes your progress, so you will at least always get two of the stars without going out of your way. The third star usually has you knock over or destroy a certain number of objects, like tea cups. When you’re waddling about in a level, keep an eye out for objects with stars above them – these are related to the missions.

In order to advance to the next world, you’ll need a certain amount of stars, so don’t skip out on these missions! It should be noted that missions will stay completed as soon as you complete them. If you finish a mission but fail the level and return to the main menu, the star is still yours!

Spend your Tofu wisely!

Tofu is the premium currency of the game, so you can expect to only get a little bit of it from the levels. You can watch an advertisement for a free 50 tofu, but other than that you’ll need to pay real money.

So what can you even do with tofu? You can spend 10 to quickly revive in the event of a mishap, but the more times you die on a single level the more it’ll cost you. You can also just watch an advertisement if you want to revive without spending tofu.

You can also unlock additional foodies to play as using tofu. If you care about the other characters you’ll want to start saving now because they all cost 200 tofu to unlock. The other foodies don’t seem to move any differently so it’s purely cosmetic.

Lastly you can unlock the later worlds without having to clear the previous worlds first, and also bypass the star requirement. We’re not quite sure when you’d ever want to do this because playing the levels are fun! You can spend your tofu on this if you really want to see the later worlds.

Try the two-finger setup!

Sometimes you might confuse yourself on what foot you’re going to use next. We’ve come up with our own little trick and that is to use two thumbs on both sides of the screen. Set it up to that when you tap on the left side your foodie switches to the left foot, and right side for right foot. This helps us a little bit with coordination, so try it out if you’re tripping over yourself frequently!

That’s all for Silly Walks! If you’ve got any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Silly Walks Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


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