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Silent Hill: Ascension Season Pass – Everything You Need to Know

Silent Hill: Ascension Season Pass – Everything You Need to Know

While the backlash against monetization in Silent Hill: Ascension has already started, the game’s Season Pass is by no means the only one of its kind in mobile gaming. Apart from a reason for outrage, let’s see what the Season Pass in Silent Hill: Ascension brings.

What you get with a Season Pass in Silent Hill: Ascension

The Season Pass in Silent Hill: Ascension is available for $20 and grants you six months’ worth of content. When you purchase the pass, you’ll receive several exclusive in-game assets:

  • Unique profile frame
  • Unique status icon
  • Profile pic frame
  • Stickers
  • Emoji
  • Extra cosmetics

Potentially the most important perk you’ll get with a Season Pass is access to every puzzle in the game. Currently, you can only play one puzzle from either Arcane Library section. In other words, F2P players have one of four puzzles under the Arcane tab and one of two in the Mindfulness tab.

Why is access to puzzles so important? Solving each puzzle in the Arcane tab will reward you with Influence Points (IP) and experience points. Influence Points are particularly important since you can use them to bid on daily decisions.

To put it simply, the more IP you earn, the more impact you can make on the core mechanic of Silent Hill: Ascension. This opens up another question: Do you need to pay to get ahead in the game?

Silent Hill: Ascension – Pay-to-win or not?

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We covered whether Silent Hill: Ascension is pay-to-win in a dedicated article. Still, we can give you a quick answer here, too, just to drive the point home. The short answer is: No, Silent Hill: Ascension isn’t pay-to-win.

You can purchase the Season Pass to get more content, which will also award you more IP. You can also buy IP directly from the Store. However, the game provides you with plenty of ways to earn this currency through regular gameplay.

The Goals page has various milestones you can reach without spending money. Each milestone will provide a certain amount of IP and XP. Also, the game doesn’t force you to spend over 200 IP on a decision, so there’s no mandate to earn more than that amount daily. And earning 200 IP every day in Silent Hill: Ascension is an easy task.

To wrap up the subject, the Silent Hill: Ascension Season Pass is more of a “nice to have” than a must. Spending $20 for six months of content may be just the right amount for some or too steep for others. Still, the decision is completely up to you, as the rest of the game is perfectly playable without the pass.

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Silent Hill: Ascension Season Pass – Everything You Need to Know