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Silent Assassin Mod For Payday 2 – Download Link

Silent Assassin Mod For Payday 2 – Download Link

Payday 2 is a co-op first person shooter from Overkill Software and is a sequel to Payday: The Heist (2011). Payday 2 is available to play on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360. Players take on the role of the criminal who heists in banks and casinos, and more! Since 2013 the game has had amazing updates, more content, and kept fans playing for years. Find out below about a popular mod and how to download it in ‘Silent Assassin Mod For Payday 2 – Download Link.

Silent Assassin Mod Download Link

Players will take on heists through Crime.Net which includes a whole host of jobs posted by various nefarious and shadowy figures. Heists can happen in various places including banks, casinos, art galleries, military bunkers, and luxury yachts!

Payday 2 (via Overkill Software)

In these places there are guards you will have to take down, all while trying to not be detected. Usually the guards will get paged to ask them what is happening, but with this mod ‘Silent Assassin’, they will no longer get this alert.

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This means players can basically kill guards without being noticed. There is some discussion in the Payday community as to whether this is considered a cheat or just a good mod, but that decision is up to you. This mod includes the following modifications:

  • Enables Silent Assassin: Pager stealth mechanic changes
  • No pager on stealth kill: Kills to unalerted guards does not activate a pager
  • No. of Pagers configuration: no. of pagers answered before triggering alarm
  • No. of Pagers per Player configuration: no. of pagers a player can answer before triggering alarm
  • Matchmaking configuration: players can enable different options for lobby. this includes avoiding players who are using Silent Assassin

If you decide to use this mod you can get it from PaydayMods or NexusMods. Let us know in the comments if you enjoy this mod. Good luck.

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Silent Assassin Mod For Payday 2 – Download Link


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