Signalis: Best Weapons – Details and Guide


Signalis is an exciting survival horror game made in the style of the good old Resident Evil. Players will play as a Replika technician named Elster and find their partner on an abandoned spaceship. On your way, you will face various puzzles and dangerous enemies. And to counter them, you will have to use different Weapons. Therefore, this guide will tell you about the best Weapons in Signalis.

Best Signalis Weapons

In Signalis, all locations are divided into levels. And to go further, you will need to get past the enemies and solve the Puzzles. However, it wouldn’t be a horror if you could deal with your enemies easily. Most of them are almost impossible to kill. And all you can do is slow them down or knock them down to get to the right place.

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Of course, you can’t do anything with your bare hands. Therefore, there are seven different Weapons in the game. And it is quite difficult to single out the best of them since each of the Weapons has its advantages and disadvantages. But let’s take a closer look at each of them.


With this Weapon, you will be able to deal with enemies at a great distance. Moreover, the Rifle has armor-piercing rounds for breaking through enemy shields. However, in narrow corridors, it will be of little use, especially given the recoil and not very fast reload.


The Shotgun is more for protection than damage. There is very little ammo for this Weapon in the levels. However, using the Shotgun you can stun multiple enemies if they are close enough to each other.

Flare Gun

It is another Weapon of control. But unlike the Shotgun, it does almost no damage. However, by setting enemies on fire, Flare Gun can disable enemies for a long time. Moreover, you can replace the flares with grenade ammo to turn this Weapon into a Grenade Launcher.


This six-shot Weapon is useful for boss fights. However, due to the small amount of ammo you can find in the levels, this Weapon cannot be used all the time. Therefore, we recommend saving Revolver ammo as a last resort.


It can be called a starting Weapon, as you will get it first in the game. The Pistol has a high rate of fire, so you’ll use up a 10-round magazine pretty quickly. However, the ammo for this Weapon is one of the most common in the game, so if you are not going to fight in the open, then the Pistol will be enough for you.

Submachine Gun

It is the same Pistol, only with 30 rounds and with a higher rate of fire. This Weapon is also effective at creating a passage through a crowd. Moreover, Submachine Gun is the best against enemies who need a lot more shots.

Disposable Stun Prod

It is a single-use Weapon that you can find very often. It’s great for stunning enemies and for defending if you get cornered. Therefore, despite the lack of damage, Stun Prod is no less useful than other Weapons.

That’s all you need to know about Weapons in Signalis. Each of the Weapons can be effective in certain situations. But if you want to go through the game with only one, you can still reach the end of the game. And while you are here, take a look at our guide on how to solve Lockpick Puzzle in Signalis.

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Signalis: Best Weapons – Details and Guide


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