Twin Shooter

A really interesting shooter game is going to be released in a few days on the App Store, a
game where players will have to control two ships at the same time and make sure they both don’t take damage when fighting against waves of enemies.

The new game is called Twin Shooter: Invaders and it will be published by eRepublik Labs. In the game players will take control of two ships placed on the right and left side of the
screen, with enemies appearing in the center. Thanks to this, players will be able to unleash attacks from both sides of the screen but will also have to be careful in not getting the two ships damaged. As even friendly fire can damage the player’s ships, it’s very important to be careful at all times.

The unique experience of Twin Shooter: Invaders also allows for same screen multiplayer, with the two players controlling one ship each. This should make things much easier than when playing solo.

Twin Shooter: Invaders will be released on the App Store on October 1st. We will let you know if anything changes for the game’s release date as soon as more comes in on the matter so stay tuned for all the latest news.



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