As well as being an immersive story and a beautiful styling game, Shining Nikki uses a gacha pull, enticing stylists with the chance to win rare items. One of the currencies for these games is the Mystery Ticket.

Stylists obtain Mystery Tickets in various ways:

  • Completing fashion levels in the Fashion Project
  • Completing Chapters and Commissions
  • Purchasing Fashion Summon Packs with Charm Medals in the Gas Station
  • Completing 7-Day Goals
Swap your Charm Medals for a Fashion Summon Pack to gain more tickets!

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Mystery Tickets can be spent on gacha pulls by entering the Gate of Heart where stylists can summon a crystal, open it, and see what item they have won. Players can summon between 1 and 10 crystals, with each crystal costing 1 Mystery Ticket.

Mystery Tickets give you the chance to win Rare items from the Gate of Heart

Mystery ticket items are usually rare items, with drop rates of super rare or better being much lower. Stylists have a 94.4% chance of summoning a Rare item, a 5% chance of summoning a SR item, a 0.5% chance of summoning a SSR item, and a 0.1% chance of summoning an UR item!

It is worth saving up your tickets to spend at the Sea of Mystery when they stock costumes you truly adore- the more tickets you spend, the higher your chance of obtaining the Ultra Rare items in the showcase.

Happy styling!

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