Shining Force 2 Walkthrough – Complete Guide – Part 11


This is Part 11 of our Shining Force 2 walkthrough. This guide may be seen as a continuation of the plot from the end of Part 10. Here we cover the adventure up until the confrontation with the Red Baron.

There is a lot to discuss, so let’s not waste any time.

Sheela’s Dojo

  • Your next stop after leaving the Nazca should be at Sheela’s Dojo, located to the southwest. Among the decor is a vase with a single Brave Apple. Take the left fork and climb up among the woods. If you come across a lone tree, investigate it to see if it hides a Vigor Ball. Hike a little distance, and you’ll come across Sheela engaging in some nude swimming. Then Astral is recognizable to her.
  • Once upon a time, Sheela was one of his students. She said she had tracked down Red Baron in vengeance for the death of her fiance. It’s at that point that Sheela makes up her mind to join the Resistance.
  • It’s time to replace Gyan with Sheela. Furthermore, you should give Karna the Brass Knuckles and elevate her to Master Monk using the Vigor Ball. Having three Master Monks at your disposal may make the rest of the game a cakewalk.
  • Finally, hand Sheela Karna’s ring of protection. Don’t forget to get the remainder of the Mithril while you’re here, either. Place everything in a secure location and depart. If you go in that direction, you’ll see Geshp preparing an assault.

Gesph Assault

  • Fighting the Devils isn’t too difficult, but they’ll band together like the Force. Proceed slowly as you make your way downstairs. To quickly advance in level, have Sarah and Sheela cast Heal 1, then Karna perform Aura 1.
  • The level limit here is 16–17, so please bring everyone of that level. The Mud Men will show up when the time is right. Defeating the Bow Rider will conclude the fight.
  • Follow the shoreline to the southwest until you reach the settlement of Roft. It’s not worth spending the money to upgrade your gear at this time. Climb the flight of stairs and enter the home where Petro died. When you leave the home after his death, Zynk will be filled with rage towards the demons. Then Zynk jumps in. Despite his skill in battle, Zynk has just a 4 MOV. Follow the southerly direction from Roft. Get to the cave by taking the bridges. You need to prepare the Arm of Golem and then go inside the cave. Here, use the warp to the next chapter. Notice the Golem in the center. If you give him the Arm, he’ll feel like a new man. Finally, Claude, the Golem, joins the Rebel Alliance. His MOV is 4, thus he may stay in the Caravan with Zynk. Follow the panel’s instructions at the bottom, then go upstairs and exit.

Back To Paramecia

  • Congratulations, you have returned to Paramecia! With the passageway unblocked, you may return and forth at your convenience. Please visit Creed’s. The walls of his home will be ripped away. If you ask Goliath, he will tell you that Oddler suddenly remembered everything and went completely insane. If Creed does not reappear, it will be because he drowned while trying to stop Oddler. However, the other three persons who weren’t chosen earlier may be chosen today. There’s no use in keeping them at this point, but do it anyhow.
  • Return to the Elven City. There’s no better time than now to test out the Fairy Woods Battle Stage. Find the doorway on the right side of the room where you obtained the Vigor Ball and go clockwise through it. The only things you can take away from this place are your own personal lessons and a Healing Rain. A blue shaman will appear and bestow healing rain on you if you climb as high as you can to the bubbling ozone. You’ll have to win a battle with it before you can have it.

Prism Flowers

  • While in Paramecia, find a fight and have your three healers use all of their magic healing. Now is the time when Sarah should have mastered her abilities, Karna should have mastered Aura 2, and Sheela should have mastered Heal 3. Leave Roft and return to Grans through the west. Get back to the clearing where Geshp is waiting. He’s prepared his Prism Flowers for this round. There’s nothing to be concerned about when it comes to prism flowers. They are immobile and have puny offensive capabilities. Despite this, they launch a frontal assault on everything.
  • As they also target their own members, this might work in your favor. We’ll all be on the same level here, between 17 and 18. Prism Flowers are a nuisance and should be eradicated immediately. To proceed, you must reach the basement and eliminate the Executioner there.
  • If you destroy any more of Geshp’s Prism Flowers, he will get revenge. The two of them will be waiting for you outside with Red Baron. When he departs, you two go into it again. Don’t rush through this fight. Don’t stress about your Level, so long as you’re close to 18. In this area, it is imperative that you stock up on MP, since you will soon be needing it.

Red Baron

  • As soon as you are in close proximity to Red Baron, launch a full-scale assault on him. Red Baron may wield DeSoul while wielding the Sword. Take him out of the fight.
  • The Red Baron, according to Peter, is in tears. Next, Astral recognizes the combat method. When they removed the disguise, it revealed Lemon to be the Red Baron. When Astral confirms that Lemon’s nightmare was real, the former proceeds to attempt suicide. Then, Astral explains that Lemon is immune to death since he is an Immortal Vampire.

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Shining Force 2 Walkthrough – Complete Guide – Part 11


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