We’re continuing through the week with a slew of new releases, and today we’ve got another unique little platformer with a lot of character. Enter OVIVO, a minimalistic platformer that’s both mesmerizing and perplexing. Originally released on PC, OVIVO is now available on iOS.

In the world of OVIVO, everything is either black or white. The two colors are constantly fusing and overwriting each other, and balance is established as a result. There will never be too much of one color.

You play as OVO, a small little being born out of the two colors. OVO has the ability to shift through the black and white of the world as a result of being a product of the two colors mixing. You’ll need to utilize this ability to travel through the world of OVIVO, where mysteries, danger, and revelations await you.

Gravity is also something to consider before you shift. In the white world, gravity behaves as normal and brings you down, but in the black world gravity pulls you upward. Mind-bending platforming puzzles that are built around these mechanics await to be challenged.

OVIVO‘s presentation is almost zen-like. With a ambient soundtrack and very little text, the game hopes to pull you into its world and interpret it however you like. There is no wrong or right – only black and white.

OVIVO is available now on the iOS App Store for $1.99.


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