The sheepocalypse is here! The soft creatures, warm creatures, little balls of fur – and I am talking about sheep, of course – have invaded the ancient Greece and it’s up for you, Perseus to save the day. In other words, keep running in this endless runner titled Sheep Happens that marks Kongregate’s second game for the iOS and most likely one of those titles that you’ll play like a mad man for weeks.

According to Kongregate, the major difference between Sheep Happens and other endless runners is the humor and chaos. Hundreds of sheep, balls of sheep, sheep you can ride, and sheep falling from the sky. It’s fun, it’s zany, it’s endless sheep! And it’s free!

So yeah, it has humor, it has a ton of upgrades to purchase and stuff to do during your runs, it has sheep falling from the sky… definitely a game worth checking out, so make sure you head over to iTunes today and give it a try!


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