Do you want to have your own statue in Shadowgun Legends and become one of the best players in town? Our Shadowgun Legends cheats and tips article will give you a complete strategy guide that will help you achieve that… or at least help make you better at this great looking first person shooter.

There are a lot of things that you can do in the game as side quests and missions, there are tons of features and items to unlock and overall you will have a lot of fun playing the game for free. There are some things that you should consider to become even better, and we’re going to talk about these today.

So let’s not waste a single second! Let’s check out below some Shadowgun Legends tips and cheats in our complete strategy guide for beginners!

Go for headshots
Headshots are extremely important in this game, since they help you destroy your opponents faster and give you more ranking points at the end of the battle. So whenever you have the change, try to destroy your enemies with headshots.

This is easier to be done in campaign matches, when fighting against AI players – when it PvP, try to focus on destroying your enemies instead and worry less about headshots. Although if you can go for them, it’s even better!

Visit the bar for boosts

You can get all sorts of boosts, for free, if you visit the bar and spend some time there. The “Bar of War” can be found to the left side of the screen.

Just enter it and spend some time there, keeping an eye on the top left corner: when new boosts are acquired, you will see them there. These are offered randomly and it doesn’t seem to be a way to influence what you’re getting, though.

You can also order drinks and food at the bar, but right now it’s not very clear what effects – if any – will they have over the character and battles. Therefore, it’s probably better to keep your money for weapons and other goodies instead of spending them on getting drunk in the game.

Constantly sell the items you don’t need
Since the inventory spots are extremely limited, you should constantly sell the items you don’t need. You collect them constantly during missions and as rewards for completing them, but you should also sell them constantly.

However, if you can spend some money in the game – real money, that is – that is highly recommended. Even the cheapest purchase will give you the Premium currency indicated, but also +80 inventory slots and +8 backpack slots, plus a massive golden ring. But it’s the first two things that really make a difference and they will make your life in the game a lot easier in the long run.

I am saying this because damage is not the only thing that matters when it comes to weapons – their type and potential perks matter too, so you should give them all a test run and see with which type of weapon you’re performing better.

Unlock PvP and other features as you level up
If you’re wondering how to unlock the extra areas in the game, as well as PvP duels, arena battles and so on – the answer is simple: keep playing, level up and you’ll get there soon.

This is one of those games that doesn’t give you all the features as soon as you start playing, so the more you play and the faster you level up, the sooner you’ll have access to all the cool features in Shadowgun Legends.

Equip the best weapons for your situation

As I was saying above, there are different types of weapons in the game. You can equip three different weapons: your main rifle, a secondary weapon and a pistol.

You can collect all sorts of weapons or buy them from the store and they all have various stats. The rifle is the most important because you will be using it the most, so try going for something with a solid distance (this is very important) and damage, of course. The firing rate is not extremely important, although the faster it is, the easier it will be for you to take down enemies.

When it comes to secondary weapons, things get a bit more complicated. You can choose from a variety of weapons – from a rocket launcher to sniper rifles. The latter are better in PvP matches, although I personally started to really appreciate the rocket launchers as they cause a ton of damage and do it fast.

If you want to switch the weapon you’re using in battle, after starting a mission or a PvP match, simply tap the weapons in the top right corner and you’ll automatically browse through them and equip different ones.

Equip your special skills/items
Don’t forget to actually equip the skills that you unlock with skill points and money. There are a ton of skills to purchase and most of them are passive. However, you can only have 2 active skills – and you have a wide selection here as well.

My recommendation is to start with the frag grenades since they are the most useful, then check out all the skills and the requirements for unlocking them and focus on getting there.

You won’t be able to unlock all skills in the game and progress will be relatively slow, so a bit of planning is required here, so spend some time tapping on all the skills and deciding the direction you should take and what to unlock next. I personally recommend unlocking more passive skills as their bonuses add up in battle, and keep the Frag Grenades with you for a while, then go for the AM bomb or Rocket Man.

Complete the missions
I know that the PvP battles are extremely fun and you’d like to do those over and over again, but you should actually focus on completing the Campaign missions early on. This gives you tons of great rewards, helps you progress faster and unlocks new and better weapons, giving you more chances to win in PvP battles.

Finding the balance between completing the easy campaign missions and going against other players is the key to success – so don’t hesitate to focus on the missions for a while!

These would be, for now, our Shadowgun Legends tips and tricks. Do you have extra strategies to share with fellow players? Or maybe you have additional questions to ask? Let us know by posting a comment in the comments section below.


    • For the strongboxes it’s randomly dropped in battle and from what I’ve seen, extremely rare. You can also purchase them from Pedro, but I would recommend against it. For the epics and legendary, I wouldn’t worry about then until you reach max lvl which is 20 + 5 invisible lvls. To check the invisible lvls, go to any vender and see the battle scores. If all the armor/weapons are 250 which is Max, then grind silver arena for legendaries and epics.

  1. But the Legendary SMG “Kira” the only Primary Legendary for this time you find only in Blade Dancer Boss Loot. 1% Drop Chance. With Friends you complete the dungeon in 9-10 minutes. I play in 2 Days 30 Times Blade Dancer and find Kira. The Legendary SMG in PVP or Arena is OP

  2. just wanted to ask if how can i get the STORY or CAMPAIGN mission after finishing THE ANOTHER world, played couple of minor missions and doesnt seem to pop out of slade, thanks


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