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Shadow Knight Guide: Tips & Cheats To Break the Darkness

Shadow Knight Guide: Tips & Cheats To Break the Darkness
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The land of Harmonia was once a proud kingdom, full of diverse people. One day, creatures of the dark emerged from the bowels of the land and Harmonia was shrouded in darkness. Hope remained in the form of the Shadow Knight, a powerful warrior blessed by the darkness.

In our Shadow Knight tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics of combat and how to master not only defeating your opponents with ease, but how to do it stylishly. It is all about precision and control, and we will help you master it all in our Shadow Knight cheats, tips, and tricks strategy guide to break the darkness!

Keep Attacking for More Damage

When you land hits on enemies, your combo will start to count the amount of hits you have made. You can look at the counter on the left side of the screen to see how many hits you have accumulated.

This is not just for show, either! Your starting character – Noah – has a passive ability that allows him to increase his damage temporary depending on how high is current combo string is at.

For the exact numbers, his damage increases by 0.5% per combo he has, up to a maximum of a whopping 50% damage boost. This is a huge boost since it is easy to rack up combos as Noah!

Even if you are not playing a Noah, racking up large combos awards you with a tiny amount of bonus experience and gold, so it is never a bad idea to keep attacking relentlessly.

Air Combo to Stay Safe

Early on in the game, you can pretty much decimate anything that comes you way. Eventually though, the enemies will approach in larger waves and they will be much, much beefier. The game will start to swarm you with hordes of enemies.

If you stay on the ground and try to combo a single enemy, there is a good chance that you will be blindsided by a random attack off to the side. A great way to avoid this is to launch your enemies into the air and start an air combo.

Air combos are just as strong as ground combos, and you have the added benefit of staying out of harm’s reach. Most enemies are also completely helpless in the air, so you are free to combo them until you finish with the downward slam.

Noah’s first skill Upper Cut lets him perform an upward slash that will launch all enemies caught in it. This is the perfect way to start an air combo, so make sure to use it often.

Do note that the game will eventually start to throw flying enemies at you. These enemies soar in the air and will strike you from the skies. They are immune to attacks that knock them around, so do not try to launch them. You can just jump into the air and start attacking right away.

Unlock Ashley Right Away

There is a total of four playable characters in Shadow Knight, but only two of them can be earned through in-game means. You start the game out with Noah the swordsman, but there are three other heroes to get as well.

Ashley the gunslinger is the second hero and she attacks from afar using her high-powered guns. She must be unlocked with 100 gems, which is hardly anything compared to the chest that you will have to open later.

There are two more heroes: Lucius and Logan. However, these two heroes cannot be bought with gems, only real money.

Whether or not you unlock all four heroes, you should at least unlock Ashley as soon as possible. You can bring two heroes with you into a level, so it is perfect anyways. Having a second hero with you can open up multiple combat opportunities!

Switching Heroes

When you have a second hero on your team, you can switch to them by tapping their portrait at the top left corner. When the second hero jumps into the battle, they will perform a special opening attack during which they are completely invincible.

If you weave this into your normal combos, you can do some really fancy stuff. If you use all of one hero’s skills right off the bat, you can switch to your second hero to keep the pain going!

Switching heroes can be done defensively as well. If your current hero is wounded badly, you can switch to your reserve hero who is much healthier. This is helpful on levels where one of the star objectives requires you to not take too much damage.

Equipment and Runes

Every character in Shadow Knight can be equipped with gear that will power up their base stats. You will not really earn gear by simply playing the game – the main way to earn more is to buy chests using gems, the premium currency.

The game is pretty lenient with the amount of free gems it gives you, so you might want to save them for opening premium chests. Premium chests, whether it is the weapon or equipment chests, is the best way to earn better gear.

You will get equipment of various rarity, and hopefully you get will gear for the heroes you actually use. Opening chests is the main way of earning new gear, so get used to opening these things.

You can enhance your favorite pieces of gear by sacrificing unused equipment or enhance crystals, which boosts the stats. Do not waste resources on low rarity gear – only enhance high rarity gear that you intend to use for a while.

Certain pieces of gear can also be affixed with runes, which are special gems that grant small stat boosts. Not all pieces of gear have rune slots, so make sure to check before you attempt to slot them in.

Same type runes can also be combined to created stronger runes. To perform rune fusion, you require three runes of the same stat boosting properties. This can help you stack stats if you have multiples of the same kind of runes.

Go for all Three Stars

Since you will be needing a lot of gems to get more gear, you are going to want to claim as many stars as possible. Every level has three stars for you get, and you need to complete various objectives to get.

Some require you to beat the level without taking too much damage, while other require you to take down enemies using skills. There is a wide variety of star missions, so make sure to read them before you head into the level.

For each chapter, once you collect enough stars, you can claim the star rewards. There are three star rewards: one for when you collect 10 stars, another for 20 stars, and the final one for 30 stars.

Star rewards grant you a lot of gold (which you need to leveling up skills), keys to open basic chests, and of course lots of gems for opening premium chests.

Find the Hidden Artifact

On some levels, you will need to seek out a hidden artifact as one of the star missions. The artifact looks like a yellow statue, so it should be easy to see once you get close enough, as it stands out from the dark background.

The problem is actually locating it. These things are hidden in some tricky locations, so make sure you search high and low. Be careful not to advance too far – the game loves to spawn new enemies on you and shut you out from going backwards by spawning a shadow wall.

Some of the artifacts are hidden high, so you will need to utilize your double jump and dashes to get to some of these hard-to-reach places.

That’s all for Shadow Knight. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Shadow Knight Guide: Tips & Cheats To Break the Darkness


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