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Shadow Deck Cheats: Tips & Guide For a Powerful Deck

This article is over 5 years old and may contain outdated information

In today’s article we are going to share with you everything that you need to know about the Shadow Deck tips and cheats to form a powerful deck and defeat all the opponents. This game requires a little bit of strategic thinking, so don’t worry if you didn’t get it at first – we’re here to help!

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All that you need to know is that you can create a powerful deck without the need of super strong Legendary cards, so you can even become strong by simply gathering decent cards and upgrading them constantly.

So, are you ready to learn a thing or two about this epic card game? Then let’s dive right into the Shadow Deck tips and tricks right here below!

At start, use the Battle for a while!

When you are just getting started in the game, you should head on to the Battle interface in the bottom of the screen and tap on the orange “Battle” button. You will encounter several foes, but they aren’t that powerful, so don’t worry about it yet. 

Just fight there until you’ve reached the boss level. Once you are at the boss level, head on to the Campaign button and continue your journey there until you get stronger, because the boss in the Battle option will be quite tough to deal with.

I would suggest that you take advantage of every little opportunity to get the boxes which give cards from here, because they are very useful. 

Complete quests and get double rewards

In the left side of the Battle interface, you will see an exclamation mark with a circle. That symbolizes the quests, and here you can collect Diamonds for completing them. Each quest will reward you a certain amount of Diamonds, but that can be changed!

By watching an advertisement you will be rewarded double the diamonds or any other reward those quests give. I strongly suggest that you do so, as the Diamonds are very important in the game, and you’ll see exactly why right here below!

So, in conclusion, always try to watch an ad for each quest you have completed to claim the rewards to be double! 

Open chests and claim extra coins from them

Whenever you open a chest, no matter its quality and type, you will have a possibility to obtain an exclusive reward which is unlocked by watching an ad. I suggest that you do this as often as you can, whenever it is available, because you are going to need every single Coin you can get later on.

Take a look at the chests

There are a couple of types of chests:

– Chests that you get from Battle

– Chests that you get from Campaign

The Battle Chests usually take a few hours to be able to be opened, and that is why you see 4 empty slots underneath the Battle arena. Some of these chests take more than others to open, but you can shorten that time by quite a bit. 

By tapping on the chest you will see on the bottom left the option to reduce the time by 3 hours (in the case of Silver Chests for example) or to Open Now (for the Common Chests). You should always open the Common chests by watching and ad, and NEVER by using Diamonds. 

The Campaign Chests can be opened immediately, and they are obtained whenever you collect the right amount of stars written underneath it. These are much simpler to obtain, and you can go do a lot of Campaign stages to gather cards.

Open the Chest with the code!

If you have wandered left and right and still haven’t managed to find the current code for the Chest, then we got you covered! The current code for the chest is “SHADOWDECK”! 

Keep in mind that once you have claimed it, the chest will disappear until another one becomes available, with a new code and hopefully even more goodies inside! 

In the future, this code might not still work, but if you are curious whenever there will be another event, you can check out the game’s official Instagram and Facebook pages for the code.

Get free Coins with one tap

That’s right! If you want 100 free Coins with a single tap, all you have to do is to tap on the right side of the screen on the “Facebook” logo. That will take you straight to the game’s Facebook page, but you don’t even have to sign up or follow. All that you need to do to get the coins is tap on the icon and then get back in game.

The same works for the Instagram icon. Make sure you tap those two when you see them, because it’s a nice and easy way to get 200 Coins per total (from both Facebook and Instagram). 

Log in for the Daily Rewards

This is one of the easiest ways that you can obtain Diamonds and Coins, and much more! For simply logging in to the game, you get some cool rewards which will be of great use to you. 

However, these daily rewards are not exactly “daily”. You see, they reset every 6 hours, so if you log in to the game once per 6 hours, it will just count as a “new day”. Even if you don’t have the time to play and farm for coins and Diamonds, this is a really easy way to get them, so make sure you take advantage of it!

On the 30th day, you will get a powerful Golden Chest which contains a lot of Coins, as well as even Epic cards! So it’s definitely worth checking in daily to the game.

Check the Shop for free offers

Every 6 hours the shop will yield a new batch of goodies for you. Under the Offers tab, you will see 3 cards which you can buy with Coins (which is why I mentioned earlier that you should keep them) and you can obtain those by either spending Coins or for free.

For free you can get them by watching an ad, but let’s be serious – it’s worth it! And even so, there is a little Shadow Deck trick that you should try: once you opened the Shop and watched an ad for a card, close the ad and wait. The ad might reset and you will be able to obtain another of that card for watching another ad!

Upgrade cards and level up quickly

If you want to know the fastest way to level up, I’ll share it! It is not by fighting endless Campaign battles or by endlessly adventuring in the Battle. Instead, it is by upgrading cards. 

When you have a certain number of the same cards, you will be able to upgrade that particular card. Whenever you do so, you gain EXP (the purple bar on top) which will unlock more features for you in the game. The higher the level of the card you level, the more EXP you get. Now go right ahead and level up those cards as quickly as possible!

Use the Auto Battle and speed it up

Want to quickly finish off the enemies? The Auto Battle will be your best friend. If you are constantly upgrading your cards and keeping them somewhat strong, you will never have any issues with the enemies – at least, so far I haven’t had! 

I prefer to use the Auto Battle when dealing with weaker enemies, and when I am certain of my success over a stage, I also speed the battle up to 2x speed. If you are confident in your team, then go ahead and do this as well! 

These would be all of our Shadow Deck tips and tricks that we have for you right now! If you know some other cool tips make sure you leave them down in the comments below to be shared with everybody! 

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