Seven Mortal Sins X-Tasy Tier List


Have you already tried playing the game in which Lucifer and Maria fight against all the Seven mortal sins? If not, we highly recommend you do that!

The characters will face different angels and demons that will assist them. Still, the main characters will need some help to understand which of these angels and demons are worth choosing.

We have created a detailed guide covering the ranks of angels and demons from SS up to the D tier.

In-Game Tier List

SSR Tier

  • Satan(Raging Black Christmas)
  • Leviathan (Demon King of Jealousy)
  • Gino (Plague Knight)
  • Gabriel (Pure Heart)

SS Tier

  • Leviathan (Midsummer’s Throbbing Jealousy)
  • Belial (Demon King of Falsehood)
  • Lucifer (Dancing Night Stars)
  • Lucifer (Pride Demon Lord)
  • S Tier
  • Beelzebub (Roaring of Lingering Appetite)
  • Tirzah (Cat with the Pure White Cloak)
  • Lailah (Moonlight Demon Star)
  • Asmodeus (Dark Beauty of Lust)
  • Asmodeus (Demon Lord of Lust)
  • Mammon (The Witch of Toyjo)
  • Michael (Angel of Loyalty)
  • Esmera ( Death Knight)
  • Uriel (White Phoenix)

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A Tier

  • Lucifer (Arrogance of Hot Summer Dance)
  • Astaroth (Demon King of Melancholy)
  • Sandalphon (Angel of Diligence)
  • Mammon (Demon King of Greed)
  • Belphegor (Ghost Like Heretic)
  • Beelzebub (Devil of Gluttony)
  • Satan (Demon Lord of Wrath)
  • Tira (Demon of Bad Omen)
  • Nicetas (Liberated Bestiality)
  • Nuara (Demon of the Lost)
  • Raphael (Guide of Speed)
  • Hannah (Eagle’s Demon)
  • Stella (Knight of Famine)

B Tier

  • Belphegor (Demon Lord of Sloth)
  • Ginevra (Demon of Adjustment)
  • Raphael (Angel of Temperance)
  • Charleau (Quick Jerobon Rabbit)
  • Uriel (Angel of Patience)
  • Gabriel (Angel of Purity)
  • Luciana (Kaoru’s Memories)
  • Nonna (Savory Chocolate)
  • Tirzah (Knight of War)

So, this is the tier list for Seven Mortal Sins X-Tasy. Still, we need to mention that you can choose any character you prefer; still, the ones noted above have already gained the highest popularity level and are worth being chosen! Try choosing them to make the chances of winning even higher! Have fun!

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Seven Mortal Sins X-Tasy Tier List


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