The Sega universe needs your help! Sega Heroes is an all-new match-3 RPG featuring iconic Sega heroes, like Sonic the Hedgehog, AiAi the Monkey, Axl, and more! Fight against Dr. Eggman and the mysterious Dremagen to save the heroes and reunite the worlds. It is up to you to return harmony to the Sega Universe, and our Sega Heroes cheats and tips will show you how to become a matching expert!

Sega Heroes is a fun and addicting puzzle experience that Sega fans will really appreciate, but it is also enjoyable for fans of the match-3 RPG genre. Wherever you come from, let’s get to matching with our Sega Heroes cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Train your heroes often!

Your heroes’ power level can be improved immediately by training them. Training a hero will increase their level by one, and their maximum level is directly equal to your player level. This means that as soon as you level up, you should go into your team and train all of your heroes. This is the only way to improve your heroes, so it is imperative you do it often.

Replay levels for shards!

Looking to promote a specific hero? You might have to revisit earlier levels. When you get far enough in the campaign, you will start earning hero shards after beating certain levels.

If you want to promote a hero, you may need to replay that level multiple times until you get enough shards. It is important to note that certain heroes currently do not have any shards as drops – they can only be found through chests.

Power up Star Skills!

As with hero shards, star skills must be powered up will special items known as reagents. Reagents are found in specific levels just like the shards, so hunt them down and find out where they appear. For your convenience, the hero’s profile will show you what levels have the chance to drop the needed reagents.

Level up your Rally!

Your Rally Gauge will increase your overall damage output once it levels up. Try to mix in rally pieces with your regular matching, as you do not want to be caught matching only rally pieces. A good place to start at is rally level 2. You will be doing 20% more damage and this will also activate bonuses on certain skills.

Some heroes, like Ax Battler and Gillius Thunderhead have skills that gain additional properties when your rally level is at 2 or above. In their cases, it makes their skills stun enemies, which can be really handy for preventing enemies from attacking.

Grab the free chests!

The free chests are a great way to get more shards and reagents for your heroes. You can gain a free one every couple of hours from the shop. If you get three free chests in a row, the fourth chest will contain rarer goodies!

However, this bonus resets once the day is over, so you will need to stay on top of it! You can also redeem another free chest from the campaign menu screen, and that has its own separate timer. Grab them all!

That’s all for Sega Heroes! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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