Sea Game Cheats: Tips & Guide to Conquer the Seas

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The Sea Game tips and tricks we are going to share with you in today’s guide will make this game much easier and will lest you raise all the right buildings in order to form a strong fleet and a rich base.

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First thing you need to keep in mind is that the game has quite a slow pace, so if you are in a rush you can’t really complete everything as fast as you’d say “sea”. So you need to arm yourself with patience and some strategic thinking because you will need to plan some strategies to win against all the enemies that lurk about the sea.

So without further ado, let’s share all of our Sea Game tips and tricks that will help you become the best captain all across the sea!

Build and upgrade the buildings

The buildings level is very important towards you having a powerful base. Try upgrading all the building whenever you can because they will help you get stronger and create a better fleet. Not only that, but when you upgrade the resource buildings you will you get more amounts of resources.

I suggest always building the maximum number of a particular building. For example, when you have 3x Repair Factories you will be able to repair 3 times more ships than you would if you had just one. And the same goes for the Gold Mines and Refineries. 

Basically always try to build as many as you can and upgrade them before you go on to level up your Headquarters. This is great to ensure that you do not have to complete a lot of upgrades after you level up, so you can spend that time fighting enemies and creating more ships.

My best suggestion here is to always upgrade all the buildings to level 3 as soon as possible because that will go really fast with the boosts (more about these below!). After you do that, you can go on ahead and upgrade the Headquarters.

When you upgrade the Headquarters you will be able to construct new buildings and therefore get even more powerful!

Always check the Goods List in your harbor

Every day there will be a shady old man on a little boat chilling around in your harbor. Try checking out his boat whenever he is there because he will have a few goods up for sale. The goods he sells are usually boosts and resources, so if you are in need of some Oil or Steel, this is a great way to acquire them.

You should however be quick when you see him, because he will retreat after a while, so he is not there always to provide goods from this shop! Also, make sure that once you have bought everything you wanted you use the free refresh because you never know what might be added to the shop next!

Always keep an eye on the Online Rewards

The Online Rewards is a little building on your territory that looks like a helicopter platform. Here, every once in a while the game will drop a box full of goodies. Always tap on the box to receive it because the sooner you open it, the sooner you can reset the timer to get another one. 

You will receive this multiple times a day, so that’s why it is really important that you open it as soon as you get it, because the timer for it to arrive again slightly increases every time, so you will need to wait more and more every time.

Distribute your Talent Points accordingly

Every time you level up you will receive Talent Points, and there are 3 main branches where you can use them: Combat, Development and Subsidiary. 

Combat refers to all the offensive and defensive stats of your fleet, from defense of certain types of ships to their life and damage. This is good for making your ships more tanky and also for making them inflict more damage on the enemies.

Development refers mainly to the Research perks and everything that has to do with resources. This branch will increase the gathering speed, the amount you get and also the research and construction speed. It’s good if you want to focus on it.

Subsidiary is a branch that focuses mainly on the marching speed, the number of fleet you produce and other such perks. This works well when you want to focus on the world map and farm monsters there.

Overall I suggest going for a mix of the 3, which will benefit everything. Try out different combos of the Talent Points and if you don’t like a certain one, just reset! 

Upgrade the Lab and start researching

The Lab is a great function which lets you study some quite important features. Just like the Talent Points, which depend on your character, the Lab will let you study similar fields. From Construction Speed to Attack and Resource Gathering, you can start learning anything and you don’t even have to pick!

You don’t have to select just one of the fields, but you will need to wait for them all to finish which can take more then one hour per skill (point). Always prioritize what you like most, which for me was the Construction Speed. After that, I prefer the Research Speed and only when I am done with these two I move on to the Resource Gathering.

You can try to do them however you like most! If you are an aggressive player, you might want to start with upgrading your Combat skills first, and only after move on to the rest. Really, you should try everything and see for yourself which one works best for you.

Hire a second Construction Unit

This is the best thing you could do right after you start playing. Do yourself a favor and spend that Diamonds because you will level up all your buildings faster than you can imagine.

For real, this is an amazing function which is pretty cheap! Take advantage of it and use it. I have started using it after I reached level 7 Headquarters and it works really, really good. In a way, I regret not using it sooner! But better late than never, right? So go ahead and don’t be greedy about a couple of Diamonds because it will pay off.

Use the Free Boosts

Whenever you got around 5 minutes time left of construction you can use a Free Boost to finish it instantly. This is great in every situation, so don’t be afraid to use them. These boosts are free and you don’t have to pay anything when you want to use them. 

There are also other boosts, such as the 1 Min Construction Speed and all the way up to 1 Hour Construction Speed. These are limited to the number it says over them, so be wary before you use them. I suggest holding on to the high timer ones and just use them when absolutely necessary, as late in the game as possible.

Copy other player’s Officers from the Clone Lab or create your own

These Clones are basically the Officers you will need to accompany you. At the moment you can have up to 3 Types of Officers. The first one gets unlocked at Level 5, the second at Level 7 and the third one at Level 9. Each one of them is in charge of a particular branch, so pick the one you like most!

Also, in order to create Officers you need to pick one of the three types:

– Standard Clone: You get 5 for free every day, but you can’t get Legendary Clones out of it, only Rare or Epic Officers.

– Advanced Clone: You get these from some daily rewards and events, or by purchasing from the shop with Diamonds. You can get Rare, Epic or Legendary Officers.

– Specialized Clone: This is the more rare clone type, which can only rewards Epic or Legendary Officers, but it’s way harder to acquire it. 

Watch out for the Peace Shield

When you first start the game you will receive a Peace Shield. This stays up until you reach level 7. With this shield you cannot get attacked by other players, and this is when you need to build a good army to defend yourself. 

I suggest not upgrading the Headquarters to level 7 just yet, until you have enough resources  and a strong enough fleet to be able to defend against attackers. Also, once you do decide to advance to level 7, remember that you can attack enemies too!

These would be all the Sea Game tips and tricks we have for you right now! If you know some other cool game tips and suggestions, for both new and older players, leave them down in the comments below to be shared with the community!

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Sea Game Cheats: Tips & Guide to Conquer the Seas

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