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School Days by MDickie Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

School Days by MDickie Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

School Days is an open world sandbox high school survival game. Whew, that was a mouthful! In this unique take on the sandbox genre, you take control of premade or customized high schooler on their first day at a new high school. Will you become a diligent hard working honor student? Or rise the popularity ranks by stepping on the weak and fighting the system? You get to decide! We’ll help you develop your character with our School Days cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Buttons!

Since the game doesn’t really explain the controls that well, we’ll go over them here.

A is the attack button. Rapid taps will make your character throw out combos.
G is the grapple button. Grappling a person enables to either set them up for an offensive move, or go in for nice hug! It also throws any item you might be holding.
R is the run button. Self-explanatory!
P is the pick-up button. Picks up any item nearby or on the ground.
T is the talk/interact button. Tapping it with no item held will make your character talk to nearby people. Tapping it with an interactable item will perform that action, for example eating or drinking a food item.

2. Watch your sanity!

The small yellow meter below your health meter is your sanity gauge. Stat decreases, fights, and general negative events that happen to your character will reduce your sanity meter. On the flip side, positive events like stat increases restore the meter. Be careful not to let it drop – if it reaches absolute zero, you will lose control of your character! Your character might have a nervous breakdown in public, or even turn on anyone around them, going into a blind rage!

3. Health is just as important!

Your health meter goes down naturally over time and as you take damage from natural causes or fights. To restore it, try eating some food from the cafeteria. You can also get food from stores, but take note that you need to pay for them otherwise shop keepers might get mad! Yes, it’s a little weird just picking up food off the ground and munching away at it, but you gotta do what it takes to survive!

4. Get some sleep!

But above all, the best way to restore both health and sanity is to sleep – preferably on a bed! Resting in a chair works too, but not as well as sleeping. At the end of a school day, assuming you didn’t cause any trouble to lower your health and sanity, you should have a little bit left. Sleep in your bed at home to prepare for the next school day!

5. Avoid fights!

This school is crazy chaotic and both the students and teachers behave erratically. If you happen to see a fight break out, try your best to avoid the chaos. You might end up accidentally damaging someone, causing you to go to the principal’s office. The principal almost always sides with the faculty, so you’ll have to spend needless detention time at school. If you insist on fighting back though, try using an object lying around as a weapon.

6. Friends?

Approaching someone and tapping the T button will make your character engage in a conversation with any person nearby. This can help your character make friends! Making friends is important as they are the ONLY way to learn how to play the game properly. They’ll even come to your side in fights! Speaking of which, another way to make friends is to defend them! If you witness a random fight happen, fighting one of the people involved but not the other will make them side with you.

7. Attend class!

Don’t skip, you deliquent! Attending class is the best way to improve your grades, naturally. Remember that you don’t have to be there before the class starts, you just need to show up at least before thirty minutes into the class, otherwise you will be considered late.

8. Don’t leave yourself defenseless!

If you ever find yourself beaten up and on the floor for whatever reason, rapidly move the digital pad and tap the attack button to get up faster. If you don’t press anything your character will remain vulnurable on the floor, open to more attacks. Also, if you get grappled by someone, tapping the attack button will sometimes cause your character to counter attack!

So it’s safe to say School Days is quite the chaotic game. Anything goes, and this was just a guide for trying to be the best student possible. If you’ve got any other tips or strategies to share, leave a comment below!

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School Days by MDickie Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


  1. This game is fun and very exciting I really love it because all the fun things you can do like fight that’s really fun because fight i think everyone love to fight and fighting on this game is funny and one time on this game i was stealing from a lot of stores when no one was looking but the thing i hate is when the people talk you have to wait until they are done and that makes me mad it really irritate me but other than that everything else is funny and fun.

    • Same question bro, they need more ways to do that, but i think you do that by shooting hoops with a b-ball
      cause i get alll b’s my strength is at a*, my pop is at a* but then my agility is an E, im super slow and whenever i climb things i fall, it sucks,
      But what you can do is take various sport equipment to the sport classed and the teachers will tell you what they do

    • GUYS i got more helpful tip
      #1 if you get in a bad situation, principals, fail a test, get in a fight and die DONT LEAVE THE ROOM just simply exit out, completely close it by either going in to recents (android) or double tapping home button (apple) then just go back on
      #2 I’ve been hearing a lot of money issues and i’m your man for solutions,
      -1 just go talk to your mommy before school starts and she’ll give you some cash( to know who your mom is >just go to your closet or home or next to a mirror> go to social> and click on youre mothers name and next to you will be a pic of your mom (if you don’t have a mother… SUCKS FOR YOU))
      —2 instead of getting into fights, messing around a hopelesly fail at flirting after school just go roam around town be leaving the yard form the sides, you’ll find either a sack of gold or a pile of cash some may be 5$ or 45$ trust me this works, i have a total of 350$ at the moment

      BUT BECARFULL!!! too much money and the next time you get caught the teachers might ask a bribe, sometimes that good, like 50 or 30 dollars but ive been RIPPED OFF of 400$! for something idint do

      #3 MAKE FRIENDS, ESPECIALLY TEACHERS!!!, whenever you get in trouble just find a teacher your friends with and let em grapple you, ive you guys are goody goody enough he/she’ll let you go or ask for a low inexpensive bribe,
      #4 COMPLETE TASKS, again ESPECIALLY TEACHERS, students don’t give you much for tasks, just there friends ship and a useless dumb-ass promise but teachers will increase your [email protected]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      There you go your problems solved,, i hope — Romik

      • But I’m my own mum now. That was an error in my game. When I start dating someone, the person becomes my Dad. This happened after my first dad divored my mum because of my brother’s death. Sad and funny, right?

      • You can also go to the bar(right of the beach), and pick up an instrument and play. If there are people who don’t like you, they will give you $5 tops, if they are your friends they will give $10.

  2. One more thing guys!!!!! HOW TO MAKE MONEY QUICKLY:
    After a long day at “school”, you could grab a instrument anyway and go to the bar which is the place you can see after you cross the beach(It’s like a little temple if you ask me), and just do a few notes and then SLEEP. People will actually pay you $5,or $10, if your grade is above C(IDK of it’s like that). Also, you can see some notes or tokens on floor,sometimes on the street, and press T to collect them . If that doesn’t work well, you can go find your “dad” or “mom” before 9:00 and they will give you lunch money. I’ve already made $455 now.

    • Increase your popularity, give them some gifts, lend them some money, hanging out with them, complete their task, may result getting someone to be your friend. Having good grades and many friends will increase your chance having a girlfriend/boyfriend. When someone ask about it, accept it and find him/her. You can flirt and kiss them if you want, but not between class time, or else you might considered as late! It’s important too to mind your school attendance.

    • I actually like this game better cuz in hard time if ur health goes to low u die and lose everything which really sucks plus u can do so much more in school days :)

  3. I actually like this game better than hard time, in hard time u die if ur health goes too low but in school days u just go to the hospital which is really great cuz then u don’t lose everything :) There’s also more things to do in school days
    Btw the talking thing doesn’t work I tried it, u make friends by doing them favours when they ask or just being nice to them

    • If you want your highschooler to be thin, there are two ways:
      1. Do sports, decrease your weight, increase your agility by running and others. But don’t try to avoid lunch, because it is a chance to keep your energy up.
      2. If you could, go to the closet or go to the editor and change the body weight.

  4. You can reduce the size of your character without actually paying. You just have to improve on your agility by playing basketball or by running a few laps.

    • Simply avoid the teachers, run and find a teacher that is your good friend, let them grapple you, and if you are his/her friend, you will get a cheap, inexpensive bribe, but if you are his/her GOOD friend, they’ll let you go with a warning. Remember, RUN, AVOID THE OTHERS, find a teacher that is your good friend! After that, the alarm will stop sounding and it’ll stop drawing more attention and you are safe from being called to the principal’s office.

    • If the alarm sounds you can AVOID everyone and make it to the yard and climb the face without any teachers grabbing you in the process then go to town the alarm will stop and nobody will grab you. But I think if you go back in the school you will still be wanted

  5. Heey guys, how you can become a teacher? I want it! I buyd the PRO Cause I though I can be teacher then, I can’t! So anyone, please tell me how to become a teacher?! Thnx

  6. To get your agility up go to the gym and run around or shoot hoops or smoke a cigarette it’ll take your energy though to kiss your bf/gf stand directly in front of them and they’ll kiss u but they kiss you forever and u might be late to class to become a teacher I think u have to get all a’s to do that search the question on Google cause most of the questions are hard keep trying to use the computer it’ll eventually work or try another computer undefined grades are for the cafeteria only they only way to escape when in trouble is to run to a teacher you are friends with someone has to hug you first u can make friends also by giving them gifts when a person is in front of you with nothing in hand press p with anything in your hand and they’ll be your friend

  7. Why did you make it that you have to make it that you have to start a new character if you get expelled. Could that maybe be removed in a future update.

    • If you have a high popularity, then someone might come up to you and say they have a friend that is interested in you or someone might directly ask you to be their bf or gf:)

  8. Wait, wait, OK. My problem is, how would you improve your grade to undefined in the cafetaria? It’s impossible i think, because if you’re already in a perfect grade (A*), you can’t go further! You will pass million billion test but HOW TO GET GRADES TO UNDEFINED?! Help!

  9. Hey guys, there’s an issue with my game here. I’m my own mother now. So, whenever I change my date, the date becomes my new father. Kinda sad and funny. I’ll talk more about it on the Facebook page School Days By Joanne Mac

  10. I still don’t understand what’s being said about undefined grades. I’m on A* but I need undefined grade. I don’t eat lunch to save my money so, HOW DO I GET UNDEFINED GRADES IN THE CAFETERIA?????
    By the way, guys I really appreciate your detailed answers. They work well, except for talking eg when I press t with someone, nothing happens.

  11. About the books issue, from my observation the colour of each classroom door and the book colour match. For example, the history door is red, thus the history book is red, so is the yellow language door and blue math door……that’ll tell the book colour and subject. I hope that helps. Let me know how it goes and please, help me with my questions.

    • I HAVE A QUESTION…So here’s my problem, I gave my brother my tablet and he uninstalled the game. When i get it installed again and clicked renew it didnt renew my purchase! So im stuck with the regular version. Ugh.

  12. I’ve dug tunnels throughout this game. It makes my journey easier. Use a shovel to do it, but be careful of escaping during school hours so you don’t get caught by teachers.

  13. I would like to add, because no body mentioned, that if you are delayed you can go to the hospital and get a crutch/wheelchair and go to class you won’t be counted ‘late’

  14. HOW TO BECOME A TEACHER: Hey, guys, I know how to easily become a teacher or civilian in four easy steps in school days without graduating! Here are the steps to do so, NOTE: You will need the private version for this to work…
    Any way step one: Make a character and hit exit.
    Step two: Click editor.
    Step three: Hit your character and hit the profile section.
    Step four: Change your role to either civilian or teacher!
    Step five go play the game and also every day at 0:00 (midnight). o’clock you get a hundred bucks!

    I hope these five steps helped and if I find out how to get undefined grades, I will tell you immediately! See ya later.

    Bored of school days? Try out MDickies other GREAT GAMES! Just search up MDickie in the AppStore and try out some of these games…
    Wrestling Revoloution! An amazing wrestling game.
    PopScene! A game about music and stuff!
    Hard Time! A game about being stuck in prison!
    Weekend Warriors! I think it’s another wrestling game… Lol.
    My Shojiu Pad! Errrr, … Something! But still!
    Hope you enjoy these games

  15. How to become principal:First you need to be a teacher.Then kill the principal or wait until he gets fired.Then save your progress.Then open the game.The speaker will declare we are honored to welcome principal…..to be the school’s new principal.If it is now you turn off your game and open it again.Do this until you become the principal!!

  16. Befriend the teachers and especially the principal… You can get away with everything! The principak would always take your side without getting money from you. Also if you have kept them friends for long… They would just keep on asking you a little amount of money to bump your grades everytime you miss a lesson (it never surpasses 15 dollars!).

    Popularity is also a must do contrary to others may have said. Gaining a lot of friends means a lot of allies. Keeping them close for a long period would eventually be fruitful. They can give answers to quizzes without payment or give the choices you have missed on a skipped subject. If you encounter a fight… They always would have your back even if it is because you were getting chased by teachers.

    Always (if possible) lend them money or do them favors. They will repay you as your forever ally.

  17. What are the different kinds of instruments for music class? I think I ran out of it . I already used saxophone, recorder, mic, and guitar .

  18. hey can u tell me how to rise my grades as i am stuck on c-….i attend almost all classes but when i comes to a test i always fail…can u please help me with that :(

    • Hi Bella! If your average grade is a C- there are a few ways to raise it. Each colour book is designated for that class, the colour of the book will match the colour of the classroom door. Reading the books may decrease your popularity, but it will give you answers for questions. Getting on computers can also give you answers for questions you may be asked in a certain class. There IS a tricky one though, if it asks “What year was the Berlin Wall demolished?” The answer is 1990 even though if was November of ’89. Googling the answer may also help.

  19. Tip of how to hit all the questions in the classroom.

    1- Go in in-game configuration, and switch to “Save on exit”.
    In the classroom, wait for the teacher to ask the class question … As soon as you have 4 answers on the board you press “Pause” and then “Exit to the menu”.

    3 – Go back to the game and wait for the teacher to ask the question for you …

    4 – When it does, answer a random alternative (if you do not know the answer).

    5 – If the answer is WRONG, simply close the game without saving (Go to recent tabs and press x)

    6 – Go back to the game by touching the icon on the home page …
    Click on “Continue”. The teacher will ask the question again, so answer … If you make a mistake, repeat the simple process until you get it right.
    :) Luck.

  20. how do i avoid a fight with my enemy when i walk past he or she they try to hit me and we are in the same class if i try to sit sown or stand they charge at me a start hitting me when i get them off of me the teacher just grabs me and take me to the principle

  21. How do I become a private student on school days plz help me I really want to know so I can inherit the school and become principal bow do u become principal

    • Hi Boney! A private student is when you’ve bought the game instead of playing the free one. To become the principal you must first become a teacher, but that requires all A’s! There are 2 different ways to become the principal if you are a teacher, you can either wait for them to get fired.. or you can murder them yourself.

  22. My girlfriend in the game only hugs, doesn’t kiss, why is it so? Whenever i go close to her, she hugs and shakes hands, how can i get her to kiss?

  23. How can I use a cheat during the game??? I tried to type the cheat code on the black board of the class room but nothing happened. Can you please tell me the that how can i type the cheat code during the game. Because we can’t type while the game is running and typing on the blackboard does not work.

  24. Hello…I have something to add…U don’t need straight A’s to become a teacher all u have to do is finish school then keep walking around the yard behind the fence till a teacher calls u and asks u to become a teacher.


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