Save the Islands From Sinking in BiuBiu Jungle Puzzle, Coming Soon to iOS


BiuBiu, a solitary adventurer who lives peacefully on the beautiful islands, wakes up one day to find out that everything has been submerged! The sea has taken all of the islands, and Biubiu discovers that the stars keeping the islands afloat have been stolen! It is up to you to help BiuBiu recover the stars and save the islands in BiuBiu Jungle Puzzle!

BiuBiu Jungle Puzzle is a top down puzzle adventure game. With the simple swipe of your finger, you can draw paths for BiuBiu to traverse. He will follow the exact path, and you must guide him to the exit through 48 challenging levels, with more on the way!

BiuBiu must traverse treacherous jungle treks, so he must think outside of the box in order to find the stars of power! Players will need to guide BiuBiu as he pushes blocks, avoids mummies, and dodges laser guardians, lest he becomes one with the ocean!

With every danger comes a solution: BiuBiu has a number of tools at his disposal to use as he sees fit. Wands will allow him to freeze those pesky mummies in a solid block of ice which he can use as stepping stones over pits. Wands can also be used to redirect laser guardians, making a once blocked off path accessible!

BiuBiu Jungle Puzzle will launch next week on June 13. It will be available on the App Store for 3.99 USD.

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Save the Islands From Sinking in BiuBiu Jungle Puzzle, Coming Soon to iOS


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