The nefarious Dr. Noid Wormser absolutely despises the 80’s. He has taken it upon himself to erase the decade completely from history using the supercharged power glove of doom! With it equipped, he is able to to bend time and space, and there is only one man who can save the decade… Dan Camaro.

Super 80s World is a fast-paced neon platformer full of memorabilia from the 80’s that will make anyone nostalgic for the golden decade. Step into the shoes of Dan Camaro, a vintage hero who has the power to unwind the damage Dr. Wormser has done.

Take control of Dan Camaro using simple touch controls to run through over 40 levels throughout five worlds, all themed after each year during the 80’s. You will run through coin-operated arcade, and even dash through the sands of Miami Beach.

In order to stabilize the time-space continuum, Dan Camaro will need to collect VHS tapes, cassettes, video game cartridges, and other popular forms of media back in the day. All of the 80’s memories are contained within these, so it is up to you to recover them!

Super 80s World will launch on the App Store on April 18, 2019 for 3.99 USD.

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