When mysterious colored blocks rain from the sky and reign chaos among the land, the Disney princesses we all know and love must set things right utilizing the power of the gems!

Disney Princess Majestic Quest is the latest Disney adventure from Gameloft. Players will embark on a magical match-3 puzzle adventure as they help each Disney princess rebuild their world and help them as rulers.

Players will travel between popular Disney worlds, helping Princess Jamsine, Belle, Ariel, and more! In order to solve the mystery of the magic storm, they must assist the princesses in clearing match-3 puzzle levels.

Hundreds of levels await to be solved, and the typical match-3 gameplay can be found here. With the help of the princesses, players will match multiple blocks of the same color to crush them, and utilize special pieces and powerful boosters to get an edge.

Disney Princess Majestic Quest is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store.


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