Save the City With Adorable Shibas in Shiba Force, Coming July


Giant kaijus are rampaging through the city, and it is up to the legendary Shiba Force to save the day! With their colorful armor suits, powerful snouts, and cutest little faces, the Shiba Force is ready to protect the city from any kind of threat!

Shiba Force is another super duper cute entry into HyperBeard Games’ long running line of adorable and simple games. Players take on the role of the Shiba Force commander, and they will need to send out shibas on a variety of missions to save Shibokyo.

But first, you will need to build your team to stand a chance against the kaijus! Normal, every day shibas will be teleported into your Shibase, and from there they will don powerful armor suits that turn them into super heroes. You never know which one you will get!

Each shiba has their own unique set of forms and treasures, and you will only discover them by sending them out on missions and having them gain lots of battle experience. Can you discover each shiba’s treasures?

And, while your shibas are out on a mission, you have a little fun in the minigames during your downtime. You can play with cats, and you might even earn a couple coins and useful items here and there!

Shiba Force launches into action on July 26, 2019. You can pre-order the game on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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Save the City With Adorable Shibas in Shiba Force, Coming July


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