One of the best games released this week on iTunes, Rymdkapsel is a brilliant combination between strategy and tower defense and puzzle, and one pretty real challenge despite its minimalist approach. I have spent nearly 4 hours playing the game on my iPad and building a perfect strategy for it, and now I am here to share it with you in this Rymdkapsel cheats article full of tips & tricks to get your base going and minions doing the right thing (and surviving!). So check out our strategy guide below and have fun beating the game!

1. Keep resource generating rooms close to each other and always have optimization in mind: minions are slow and you must make sure that you make things as easy as possible for them.


2. Keep on building the extractors: resources are not there forever, make sure to always have that in mind and at least 2 extractors running in case one runs out of juice without warning.

3. Be fast and focus: quickly build your way to monoliths. It’s a good idea to get to one and then focus on another and so on. Pace is pretty important, too, because after the first slow waves of invaders, the enemies will get a little bit faster so make sure you get to a monolith and have your minions research it.

4. Build similar buildings together: this kind of goes hand in hand with advice #1: building the garden near the kitchen which is near the quarters is a good idea to win some precious time.

5. Build your weapons rooms carefully: when enemies come, you want the weapons room to be close to a monolith so that the minions don’t have a long way to go to get them.

6. How to research monoliths: each of them gives you a special boost. I would suggest you start with the speed monolith (top left), because increased pace for your guys is vital. Bottom Right monolith should be built second because it slows down enemies and gives your minions momentum. Lower left monolith comes next for the boost to the attack range and the last should be the Extractor bonus monolith (the top right).

7. One weapons room per each quarter: this is pretty obvious. If you don’t have enough weapon rooms, you will have minions that are unable to defend and there’s no reason to lose them when you can easily turn them into square-sized Rambos.

8. Keep your base compact – this is really difficult to follow and easier to say, but it truly is a big requirement if you want to win the game. A compact base is easier to defend, is optimized and gives you all the chances that you need to score a glorious run!

What other tips and tricks do you have to share with fellow Rymdkapsel players for a better strategy? Let us know by commenting below!




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