Rush Wars Guide: Cheats & Tips to Dominate the Game

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Rush Wars is the latest game created by giants Supercell and the game is – just like all their previous titles – absolutely fantastic. Easy to pick up and play, but difficult to master, so we’re here to share with you a bunch of Rush Wars tips and cheats in our complete guide.

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This will help you get better at playing Supercell’s mobile game, progress quickly through the levels, build the best squad and destroy enemy bases without a problem. In other words, do everything you’re supposed to do, but without the headaches of trial and error.

With these in mind, let’s not waste any time and instead let’s check out below our complete Rush Wars guide filled with tips and tricks to help you get better.

1. Upgrade your main cards carefully

I am starting with this, because I consider it the first and most important thing you should consider – and the one thing that can make your life in the game a lot more difficult if you don’t do it right.

As you collect cards from chests that you unlock as you gain stars defeating opponents in Rush Wars, you have the option to start spending your coins to upgrade them. However, you should be very cautious about this and think twice (or three, four times actually) before buying an upgrade.

Even though it might not seem this way – especially early on in the game – the regular currency in the game is really hard to come by. Very soon, you will need tons of coins to upgrade your buildings AND upgrade your cards.

If you spend these coins on cards that you will never use in battle (either defense or offense), you are basically wasting money which are really important and difficult to hoard.

So only upgrade cards that you have been actively playing and that you believe you will use for a long time. And even so, if you’re just starting, don’t invest all your money in those early cards as most likely later on, you will only use the more advanced ones that you unlock as you progress.

So just upgrade as much as it is needed to remain competitive relative to your in-game progress, but otherwise keep those coins for when you really are 100% sure that the cards you’re upgrading are that cards you’ll be using the most – and for a long time – in battle.

2. Collect from the mine constantly and reduce coins lost

Since money is really difficult to hoard, you should always collect from your gold mine and do so on time, not allowing it to pile up and make your base attractive for incoming players.

Also make sure to spend the money as soon as possible – as long as there is something useful to spend the money on. Don’t wait to buy an upgrade if you already have the money! (I repeat: as long as it’s an upgrade for a card you’re using, or for the base buildings).

3. Build up your defenses to take advantage of your landscape

The amazing thing about Rush Wars is that each base is different and unique, giving you advantages and disadvantages. You have to learn to live with it and get the most of the design you’re given.

Building up the defenses the right way is key when it comes to defending your mine and, most importantly, the coins you have gathered (and which are really difficult to get). But if you follow my tips below, you will have a really solid base that’s difficult to crack.

First of all, take advantage of the unique design. See what kind of blockers you have in the way of enemy and place your troops behind them.

Keep an eye on the available routes they have and try to anticipate your opponent’s moves. Also consider all the red barrels that are around your base – these explode, causing massive damage. They can hurt opponent units as well, but usually they will do you more harm.

An important tip that few people know right now: if you tap any of the obstacles or red barrels on your base, you have the option to remove them if you pay some coins. This could be useful later on, but don’t do that early in the game when you need all the coins you can get.

The defenses that you can place around your base are influenced by your Chopper level (which in turn is influenced by your HQ level). The more defenses you can place, the better, but choosing the right one is key here.

I recommend focusing on a mixture of defensive towers that deal damage from afar (like the Mortar which is extremely useful early on) and regular troops that keep your opponents busy as they towers take them out.

I also recommend trying to focus your defenses on ideally two of the three main elements (the silos or the mine itself) or at least one.

The thing is that defending all the three objectives is almost impossible. But if you sacrifice one of them, just to have the other two better protected, you are at a win: opponents will usually get 1 star only, looting fewer coins than they would if they destroyed everything. Which is more likely if you spread out too thin.

It all depends on the base you’re dealt and the current design you have to defend. Usually it’s really simple to focus your defenses on two main areas and you should do that.

Also, watch the replays of past attacks, especially those of people who get more than 1 star from you. See what didn’t work and try to find a solution to fix that. Experiment constantly and soon you will have an unbreakable base!

4. Upgrade HQ and Chopper ASAP

Extremely expensive, these two buildings are vital for your overall progress: the HQ unlocks the access to new cards, as well as helps you generate more coins and allows you to increase the level of your Chopper.

The Chopper itself is a must upgrade as soon as you have the option to, as it allows you to bring in more units onto the battlefield, but also place more defenses on your own base.

So as you can see, as soon as you have the option to start upgrading these two buildings, no longer spend coins on anything else and get these upgrades ASAP!

5. Attack others even if you don’t have Keys

In Rush Wars, as soon as you gather 5 total stars from fighting against other players, you get a loot box that holds a ton of goodies: a nice chunk of money, as well as several cards based on your current Headquarters level.

However, it doesn’t mean that you should stop attacking other players when you run out of keys. On the contrary, you should keep going and attack as often as possible – but be smart about it!

Whenever you start an attack, you are shown the enemy base. Look not only at how easy it is to beat them, but also the amount of coins you can loot from each building. Coins are extremely important early on and you should look out for players who have a lot of them to offer.

As soon as you find the right target, place your troops on the field and attack: even though you won’t get rewards as enticing as those offered by the chests, you will still get extra coins that can be put to good use.

6. How to win all your battles

As you go up the ranks, you will see that it’s getting more and more difficult to get three stars when fighting other players. This is because the number of defenses increases as you progress, but at a much faster rate than the number of troops and airdrops you can get into battle.

Therefore, you should usually try to focus on dealing the most damage possible, getting the highest number of stars in each battle (even if it’s just one) and maximizing loot. In order to do this, here are some suggestions for you to follow:

– closely analyze the design of the base. See if there are any weak spots and take advantage of them!

– look at the defenses the opponent has placed on the battlefield! Do they get an advantage over your type of troops (like Pitcher vs Troopers) or it’s you who has the upper hand? If the battle seems impossible to win – or at least reward you the amount spent to search for the opponent, don’t waste your time and move on.

– it’s usually a good idea to group your troops together and attack with all of them on a single lane. But in some occasions, either when a route is less defended than another or when you might just squeeze one troop in to get some damage while everybody’s busy on the other side, it might be worth it to try and divide your troops.

– always know what the disadvantages and advantages your troops have (and ideally the defenses too). Use the right cards at the right time – especially the Airdrops, which can make a difference between a win and a loss.

– the way you place your troops on the battlefield is also important. Experiment with this a lot as sometimes leaving 3-4 squares in between troops can make a massive difference against the right enemy.

– finally, don’t forget about the potential hidden traps (it’s easy to anticipate them if you look at your opponent’s defenses and they seem too few), as well as red barrels that explode: they can harm the opponent’s troops, but they can harm your as well.

7. How to build the perfect squad

There are two approaches you can follow here, each with its own set of Pros and Cons. We’ll talk about them below:

Building a specialized squad – this means going all in with either ranged / AoE damage dealers or hordes of troops to spam the battlefield. Either way, it is risky move because unless you find an opponent with a focus on exactly the element you’re strong against, you will lose fast.

The only exception here would be going all in with flying units – especially early on, they can really make a difference and wreak havoc over poorly built bases that have no flying unit defenses.

Building a mixed squad – this is the better approach right now, in my opinion as it is easier for you to at least get 1-2 stars going this route.

This means that you should always bring in at least a tank (not necessarily the unit – a tanky troop like the Shields will do!), one-two ranged units that deal AoE damage and one-two troops that give you the numbers advantage.

Having this type of squad setup makes it easier for you to adapt to all types of defenses and find routes that will give you an easier win.

8. Join an alliance for Team Domination battles

Like all games nowadays, Rush Wars offers an “alliance” feature that basically gives you the chance to join other players and benefit of all sorts of advantages.

The main advantage at the moment of writing this is the “Team Domination” battle, but I am sure that with time even more features will be added and active alliances will be even more important than they are today.

But ever for the Team Dominations, solid alliances are really making a difference: you set up three defense bases that will be put to test against another alliance, with the catch being that you are given random units to use.

Then, you will have to use your units against the bases created by the other alliance, trying to cause as much destruction as possible. You keep attacking until there are no troops left on your side and get rewarded based on the final performance of the team.

Therefore, the better the alliance you are part of – both active players AND players who know how to play the game and take advantage of all the random cards in the game – will give you a massive advantage over others.

9. Grab your League Progress rewards!

As you gain experience in the game and get better, you progress through the leagues – and your progress can be tracked by tapping the stars icon in the upper left corner.

From there, you will see not only the amount of stars needed to progress to the next rank, but also collect the rewards related to your progress. So make sure to constantly check this out and collect the said rewards!

10. Collect the free chests regularly!

Every three hours, you will receive a free chest from the game, one that has for you some cards and regular coins – all depending on the level of your Headquarters.

However, the game only allows you to have a maximum of 2 free chests stored, which means that you should constantly collect them as they are being awarded in order to reduce the chances of losing one when you spend more than 3 hours away from the game.

In other words, try to log in to the game regularly, even if you don’t have time to actively play – but just to collect your free chest!

These are, for now, our Rush Wars tips and tricks. If you feel that there’s something missing from our guide, don’t hesitate to share your ideas with fellow players in the comment section below.

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Rush Wars Guide: Cheats & Tips to Dominate the Game

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