Ketchapp’s newest game throws straight into the void for a pure adrenaline Rush! Rush is a one-touch game where you roll a ball down a neon colored road while avoiding obstacles from side to side. It sounds simple but in true Ketchapp fashion it’s actually pretty challenging! Our Rush cheats and tips will help you hone your skills to become an elite recruit!

With over 50 spheres and 25 roads to unlock and collect, there’s a lot to do in Rush, so let’s get started with our Rush cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Keep your eyes ahead of you!

Rush doesn’t seem like a complicated concept at first, but like most other Ketchapp games they’re deceptively challenging! Once you get into the rhythm, you’ll probably notice that most of your deaths come from obstacles that you didn’t see coming.

Once the road starts to curve, dip, and rise, you’re going to see that the camera will start hiding obstacles out of view until they’re right in front of your face! To be ready for this, it’s a good habit to constantly scan ahead of you to see what’s coming. We know this is hard when you’re trying to dodge the obstacles that are immediately in front of you, but you’ll need to develop this skill to score high!

Complete the challenges!

If you’re not worried about perfecting your current runs, then just focus on completing the challenges. Challenges are preset conditions that require you to perform a specific feat, like scoring a certain amount of points or collecting a certain number of gems.

Every time you complete a challenge you get a ton of experience, which helps you rank up faster. Every time you rank up you unlock a new road, which also grants you a bunch of experience points!

Come back for your free gifts and buy new spheres!

Be sure to enable notifications for the game – they’ll let you know when your free gift is ready to collect. Free gifts contain a random amount of experience points and gems, so they’re invaluable! When you collect enough gems, you should buy a new sphere as soon as you can.

The only thing you can spend gems on are new spheres, so there’s no point in holding onto them. New spheres are like new roads; you get bonus experience points when you unlock new ones.

Jam out to the music!

Your mileage may vary on this, but we found that it helps our concentration if we listen to the music. If you’ve played the game with it muted, try unmuting and listening to the music.

Sometimes the obstacles will come in time with the beat, or that could just be a placebo effect… but either way, the beat does seem to help you focus on the road ahead. Give it a shot and see if it works for you!

That’s all for Rush! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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