The wild west can be a harsh mistress. With outlaws running a muck, there’s no telling what kind of trouble you will run into on a typical day. But here? This little old town? Things are about to change! This humble town is ready for renovation, and you’re just the perfect person to do it!

Wild West: Explore Shoot Trade is an idle tycoon game where you will stake out your claim in the wild west. Turn a small western town into a booming village by taking advantage of the gold mines underneath.

Players will need to run their business by tapping in the mines to gather gold. Of course, like any good idle game, you’re going to be relying mostly on your idle workers. Hire some free-roaming cowboys to work in the mines for you, then complete requests to get your tycoon going.

Of course, this is the wild west we’re talking about, so some gunslingers won’t be too happy about your new business. You will also need to fend off rowdy cowboys in exciting 1-on-1 duels, just like in the cowboy movies! Cowboys fit for dueling can be equipped with a variety of weapons, and you can even challenge other players to see who’s has the best tycoon!

Speaking of other players, Wild West: Explore Shoot Trade also features Facebook support, so if you have friends playing the game you can also visit their town. Challenge them to friendly duels, and if you’re feeling particularly naughty, you can even steal from their mines!

Wild West: Explore Shoot Trade ventures out on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store today!


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