Now more than ever, the world needs to get away to new environments for a breath of fresh air. That is where you come in! Two hotel managers Monica and Ted are traveling the world opening new hotels where they are needed, and they need your help in Grand Hotel Mania!

Grand Hotel Mania is a hotel management sim where players are in charge of ordering around Monica and Ted to ensure that their guests feel warm and welcomed.

Guests will check in at the front desk, and using simple taps and swipes, players can point Monica and Ted to where there are needed at the moment. Whether they are checking guests in, cleaning bathrooms, serving food – they will respond to all of your taps.

Your guests will show their happiness by leaving likes on your hotel. The more attentive you are to treating guests, the happier they will be. A hotel with a lot of likes will generate more money and attract more customers!

With the money you earn from business, you can start to renovate the hotel. Various upgrades can be bought to make Monica and Ted’s lives easier, like giving them more stations to work with guests and the like.

Travel the world and open hotels! Will your hotel be a hit? Grand Hotel Mania is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store.

(This news article was first published on Touch Tap Play)


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