Run, Shoot, and Survive in 2D Battle Royale Bullet League


Bullet League is an all-new 2D platformer battle royale where you are right in the action! Run, jump, and shoot your way through a big battlefield that is full of secrets and weapons to find and plenty of places to shoot from.

Bullet League follows the same formula as most battle royales: pick a character, and drop into the battlefield. Scrounge around for guns as fast as you can, and blast some enemies while you are at it. There are tons of different weapons for you to try out, so make sure to grab them all!

Supply drops will come periodically, so make sure you are around to grab the loot! Bullet League also takes a page from Fortnite as it allows you to build your own platforms and boxes that you can use for cover or to get around easier. Nothing can stop you!

Blueprints are awarded as you win matches, and you can use these blueprints to upgrade your guns so that they cause more mayhem. Each gun has its own unique properties, and since the bullets have physics, you will need to take everything into account.

With a huge variety of character to play as and tons of customization options, Bullet League is a must try for any battle royale fan.

Bullet League is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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Run, Shoot, and Survive in 2D Battle Royale Bullet League


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