Run and Eat in Arcade Runner Ninja Chowdown, Now Available for iOS


Ninjas – they’re fast, nimble, and they’ve got plenty of tools in their arsenal to ensure that their target doesn’t escape. That’s what we all think of when we hear the word “ninja,” right? Well, this upcoming game is going to ask you to throw everything you know about agile ninjas out the window…

Ninja Chowdown is a bright and colorful off-the-walls arcade runner where you play as Donatsu, the chubbiest ninja from the Dough-jo, a ninja dojo disguised at a donut shop. The ninjas training there can get their donut on while training to be expert ninjas, and Donatsu has clearly indulged!

Run, jump, and fight your way through the streets of a city ruled by foodie clans. You’ve got the swashbuckling Pizza Pierates, the nomadic Traveling Rollnins, and more! They’ve ruled the town, but now Donatsu is out to liberate the city one donut at a time!

Ninja Chowdown an easy-to-pick-up arcade runner game where you help Donatsu run his plump self through lots of different food themed levels. Munch on any scrumptious donuts you see along the way for more points and unlock fun new costumes and pets for Donatsu to use!

If you love silly and lighthearted arcade experiences, Ninja Chowdown is the perfect game to kill some time with. The game is available now on the iOS App Store.

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Run and Eat in Arcade Runner Ninja Chowdown, Now Available for iOS


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