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Rumble Heroes : Adventure RPG Tier List

Rumble Heroes : Adventure RPG Tier List
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With so many heroes to unlock and choose from in Rumble Heroes, you may need some help in deciding which ones are the best. Instead of scrolling through and looking at every single hero’s stats, however, you can simply check out the tier list compiled below, where we have laid out the top picks and the oens best left back at the village.

If you are having trouble deciding who to take on your adventures, just check out the Rumble Heroes: Adventure RPG tier list below.

Rumble Heroes : Adventure RPG hero tier list

We have divided all the heroes into tiers S, A, B, and C to help you decide which hero is worth spending resources on to level up and take on adventures.

  • S Tier is made up of the strongest and best choices. These have great skills and are perfect for any team;
  • A Tier are strong heroes, though not as great as S Tier. They have strong skills, but perhaps not as special as S Tier;
  • B Tier are the most regular heroes, and they really need a lot of upgrading to become decent additions to the team;
  • C Tier are pretty low in strength and ability, so it’s not worth spending any resources on them, even to level them up.
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Heroes Tier
Lance Pico
Double Gun Mary
Spear Kelly
Elemental Lisa
Shotgun Gupi
Skull Pop
Boomerang Ray
Flame Sword Giselle
Shadow Isaac
Heavy Armor Humphry
S Tier
Big Sword Gray
Brave Uva
Wave Talisay
Canon Waldo
Dark Kiara
Crow Bibi
Epee Laura
Strong Laura
Mace Gilbert
Dr. Forge
A Tier
Calm Foe Blind Matilda
Big Hammer Joe
Leaf Shot Tim
Feather Corbin
Wave Talisay
Backpack Chico
Ego Sword Polly
Nurse Ivy
Magic Shot Sally
Time Mia
B Tier
Nudie Jack
Turban Coby
Ice Bobo
Orange Woody
Diamond Bob
Dancer Maya
Leaf Shot Tim
Olive Cindy
White Evelyn
Forest Vanessa
C Tier

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To see which heroes you have, tap the icon in the bottom left corner to take you to Hero Management. That’s where you can upgrade the heroes you like and see how many more you have to collect.

To get more heroes, you must have Gold Coins to spend on the Rumble Heroes : Adventure RPG Pub, where you can Recruit them randomly. Sometimes you get Hero tokens instead, which are used to upgrade the Heroes you already have. Use the tier list above to see who is worth spending tokens and resources on for upgrades!

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Rumble Heroes : Adventure RPG Tier List