The role-playing game Destiny Chaser has been available as a soft-launch title for some time in select regions, but from today, players all over the world can download and enjoy the game.

Destiny Chaser is now available globally on Android, allowing all players to enjoy the game’s full RPG experience on the go. The game will also release on iOS in two weeks.

In celebrating the game’s global release, the development team confirmed that regular updates adding more content to the game will come constantly.

Thank you, everybody, who participated in our various events during our soft launch, and a huge thanks to our community members who helped us improve the game. For everyone who have not picked up the game yet, the great thing about destiny is that you can choose your own path, and it is never too late to start playing this epic game. With thousands of hours worth of gameplay, hundreds of unlockables waiting for you, and an entire new world to immerse yourself in; a whole universe is just a tap away.

Destiny Chaser is now available as a free to play title worldwide. You can download it by going here.


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