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Royal Family Guide: Tips & Cheats To Building a Strong Kingdom

Royal Family Guide: Tips & Cheats To Building a Strong Kingdom
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Become royalty and live the life of a king in Royal Family, a new base building strategy game by i-Fun Games, the same studio that brought us Rich and Famous. As the newly appointed king, you will oversee the development of a kingdom, deal with political affairs, and continue your lineage by starting a family.

In our Royal Family tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics of the game. We will show you things that you need to make sure to do every day to get lots of resources and how to speed up the growth of your kingdom. Let’s get started with our Royal Family cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to building a strong kingdom!

Daily Duties in the Lords Hall

As the new ruler of a kingdom, you will foresee a lot of projects dealing with the economy and infrastructure of the kingdom. As such, there are a couple things that you need to go over before you do anything else.

Enter the Lords Hall, your main chamber where all of your important vassals will be waiting for you. First, tend to Susan, who takes care of your levies and governance. Governance allows you to collect your three main resources, money, food, and troops.

You will see that each resource has charges on it. These charges will recharge automatically over time, and they recharge very quickly, so come in, grab all of your resources, then come back later in a few minutes. It is a bit annoying, but if you stay on top of this you will never have to worry about running out of money, food, or troops.

Next, talk to Maester Luwin to deal with political affairs. You will be presented with a situation and two choices, and you must decide based on what you need most. Saying yes to the affair will reward you with some kind of resource or item, like money or troops. Saying no will always grant you more lord experience, which will help you rank up faster. If you do not need the current resource at hand, then lord experience is always helpful.

That takes care of the most important and reoccurring things in the Lords Hall. Be sure to check back often.

Using Vassals to the Fullest

Vassals are your royal members who will help you run the kingdom. Each Vassal has their own individual stats, and they each excel at something different. Susan, for example, as the starting Vassal, will show you that her highest stat is intellect, which allows her to handle the more complex things of the kingdom.

All attributes of a Vassal are tallied up into your nation’s power, which is a quick glance at how powerful your kingdom is. Therefore, if you want to become the strongest kingdom, you will need to keep leveling up your Vassals to ensure that their stats stay high.

The easiest way to do this is to simply level them up with money. Tap on the button at the bottom right to level up the Vassal one time, but check the box next to it to level them up ten times at once. However, you might miss out on random blessings, which increase the amount of stats a Vassal gets if you use x10 leveling.

Some Vassals excel in combat and combat only, and these are the ones you will be using mainly to fight your battles. Above all, Vassals are the main sources of your nation’s power, so if you need a power boost just level up as many Vassals as you can.

Romancing Beauties

You will eventually romance a wife known as a Beauty, and you will start a family with them. You can have multiple Beauties and the game actually encourages you to do so, because each Beauty is actually tied to a Vassal.

Before you can start benefiting from the stat boosts, you will need to make your Beauty happy by spending time with her. The main way to do this is through the cherish option, which lets you go on a date with them. Their intimacy increases, and you can also gift them special items as well.

Once they are intimate enough, go to the Skills section and you can see which Vassals they are tied to. The skill list below is the Beauty’s skills, and upgrading them will upgrade the Vassal’s stats as well. Keeping your Beauties happy is the key to powering up your Vassals!

Continuing your Legacy with Heirs

When you get close enough with a Beauty, there is a chance that she may provide you with a baby when you use the cherish option on her. The baby is your heir and the successor to the throne, so you must play with them as they group up.

When they are children, you can play with them to level them up. After that, you must wait the allotted time before they are ready to play again, or you can just give them a stamina potion to immediately play with them again.

When an heir reaches level 10, they will be fully grown up and ready to rule. However, first they must be wed, and you can do this with random players across the server, unless you have a specific player in mind. Raising an heir from scratch all the way to marriage will provide you with a huge nation power boost!

Conquest the Land

To progress through the story, you must fight your way across the land and conquer the various castles standing in your path. This is also the main story mode of Royal Family, so if you are interested in the plot keep fighting!

Combat in Royal Family is pretty simple – as long as your nation’s power is greater than the castle and you have enough troops, you will always win battles. When you reach the end of a conquest map, one of your Vassals will have to duel the leader of the castle.

The game will automatically choose the most suitable Vassal for you (i.e. the one with the highest combat attribute), but you may choose freely if you so wish as well. It is usually the best idea to leave it to the game, as it will pick your strongest Vassal.

Ramble for More Troops

Once your king gets to rank 3, you will be able “ramble”. What this means is that you basically hang out with neighboring kingdoms to see what is going on with them. These are usually friendly interactions, and each ramble will reward you with a handful of troops, food, or other resources.

Like many other things in this game, rambles run on timers. You start out with three rambles, and then once you run out you must wait the allotted time before they regenerate back. Keep on this and you will never have to worry about running out of troops. You may even find new Beauties when you are rambling!

Worship the Best Players for Gems

If you go to the Ranking hall, you will see the leaderboards for three different categories: nation power, conquest ranking, and intimacy ranking. You can “worship” each category once every day, and this rewards you with some free gems!

Since you need gems to spend time with your Beauties, worshiping is a great way to keep your gem supply afloat. Remember to check in every day and do this before you tend to your other duties!

That’s all for Royal Family. Keep up with your resources and your kingdom shall be strong in no time. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Royal Family Guide: Tips & Cheats To Building a Strong Kingdom


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