Row, row, row your boat… not gently down the stream! Row Row is a fast-paced kayaking game. You will barrel down violent rivers, dodge massive whirlpools, avoid giant tentacles, and evade hungry sharks! Go for the fastest time using simple touch controls to simulate actually rowing a kayak. Our Row Row cheats and tips will show you how to speed up and get the best times!

Row Row is all about course memorization and knowing the best rowing technique. Let’s get started with our Row Row cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Use long, clean strokes!

Tapping and holding one side of the screen will make you row, and the longer you hold the stronger the row will be. Try to even out your strokes – the longer and cleaner the stroke is before you switch to the other side, the more power and distance you will gain.

There is a certain rhythm to it, so it will take some practice, but you will know when you get it.

Do not worry about the coins!

Throughout your rapid river descent, you will notice that there are a bunch of coins littered around the river. You can go ahead and grab these coins, but just remember that they are usually out the way and they might put you in a bad situation!

The only thing coins are spent on are new kayaks for your character. They do not have different stats; it is all cosmetic, so you will always handle the same despite which kayak you are using. It is all just for fun, so you do not really need to stick your neck out for the coins!

Watch out for the deadly creatures!

I am sure we do not have to remind you of the giant rocks and trees in the river. You will need to react quickly so that you do not run into any of these, lest you get stuck and have to restart. Restarting will send you all the way back to the last checkpoint, so make sure that you are a position to do this!

One of the most deadly hazards though are the animals. Sometimes you might see a tentacle rise from the depths, and if you get to close you will be caught in its inescapable trap!

There are also hungry sharks looking for their next meal, so be careful! If you are caught by these deadly creatures, they will hold you hostage for a few seconds then let you go.

Try a ghost challenge!

If you are looking to up your game on a certain level, you can take a look at the best players for that level. You can sort them by time, and you can play alongside the ghost of any player of your choosing.

You can see their technique and which routes they take to create your own plan of attack from there. It is really helpful studying the best players!

That’s all for Row Row! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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