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Roundguard Guide: Tips & Tricks To Surviving the Dungeon

This article is over 4 years old and may contain outdated information

It is the most entertaining fantasy stage play you have ever seen! Introducing Roundguard, a roguelike pinball RPG set up like you are watching a play. Choose from a variety of heroes and bounce your way through the dungeon, surviving all the baddies that it throws at you! The dungeon changes every time you play, so you never know what to expect!

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In our Roundguard tips and tricks guide, we will share some tips with you to increases your chances of surviving for longer. Remember that Roundguard is a roguelike, so you must start from square one every time you bite the dust. With that said, let’s get started with our Roundguard tips and tricks strategy guide to surviving the dungeon!

Bouncing Around Like a Boss

In Roundguard, your objective is to eliminate all of the monsters in the room to proceed. If you are having trouble finding where the monsters are, you can tap on their info panel on the right side of the screen to have the game highlight where they are on the map. This also shows their remaining health, so you can use it to target specific enemies.

Remember that all enemies will counter attack you when you bump into them. You can activate various skills to deal increased damage or change the way you bounce around the level. Approaching enemies strategically is the key to victory!

When your hero is still in the launcher, you will notice a brown thing moving back and forth at the bottom. This is the cushion, and it will expand once you launch your hero. If your hero happens to land on it, they will not suffer any damage at the end of the launch. Try to time your launches so that you increase your odds of landing on it.

Getting Gold and Experience

Whenever you defeat an enemy on the screen, you will be awarded some experience. When you get enough, your hero will level up and their base stats will increase: maximum health, attack power, and mana will all go up.

In addition to that, you will also earn gold. Gold has some additional mechanics to it as well! See all those random pots laying around that you keep bouncing off of? Every time you hit one, it will break, and at the end of your launch all of them will be completely destroyed in succession.

Your break multiplier will begin to tally up at the end of your launch. Basically, the more the stuff you break in one go, the more gold you will be rewarded with. Enemies count too, so try to hit as many things as you can in one launch if you aiming to make a lot of gold!

Earning New Gear

When you finish a level, the entire spiked floor will turn into different treasure options. Depending on where you land you will find a new weapon, armor, or skill. If you are going after something specific, be careful of where you aim!

Some levels in the dungeon are specifically marked with a weapon or armor icon. In these levels you have a very good chance of finding a super powerful item, so try to aim for these levels!

Weapons will have different attack power values on them and they also have auxiliary effects. Some weapons will inflict bleed, while others will weaken enemies or grant you your own buffs. Generally though, it is safe to stick to the weapons that have higher attack power.

Armor will increase your maximum health and also grant you beneficial buffs, like providing you with health regeneration or attack power buffs. Some armors will even protect you from certain status effects!

Skills are powerful abilities that cost mana to use. Your hero will always start out with one unique skill, then they can find an additional skill later on. You can only have two skills at a time. Skills, like the weapons and armors, have levels to them so be sure to replace the same skills you have with higher level versions.

Getting New Trinkets

Trinkets are items that grant you permanent upgrades (at least for the current run). They are not like weapons and armor where they get replaced, as you always have them for the remainder of your run.

There are multiple ways to get new trinkets. The first method is to complete quests. When you start a new level, there is a chance that you may receive a quest for that level. If you complete the quest, you will earn a new trinket for your troubles. However, you MUST complete the quest within that level, otherwise you will fail it and you will get a weakened trinket!

The second way are the intermission bonus rounds. If you check the map, you may have noticed an intermission line. Once you pass this point, you will play a minigame where you spin a wheel. Segments of the wheel will reveal depending on how much gold you have collected up to that point, and landing on the revealed portions will result in stronger trinket. The more gold you have, the better the trinkets will be.

Choose Your Path

When you clear a level, you are not forced along right away. You have one more turn to pick up any leftover potions that still might be on the field, and you should do this to recuperate.

In addition to that, each level has a branching paths so you effectively get to pick your route down the dungeon. Refer to the map to see where you are ultimately going to, and you can also tell what enemies will be in the room by the picture on the sign.

With some planning and a little bit of luck, you can pick the path of the least resistance to make your dungeon crawling a little bit smoother.

Taking Down Bosses

The bosses in Roundguard are ferocious and sometimes a little goofy, but that does not mean they should not be feared. Each boss in the game has a particular mechanic that you need to deal with.

The boss of Act I, as known as the first boss of the game, is the Alchemist. Every turn she will throw potions of random effects across the board, affecting the enemies, you, and herself. This can lead into good situations for you, bad situations for her, mixed situations for everyone, and so forth.

As long as you do not try to tackle her when she has enrage on, then you should be fine. This is just one example though – pay attention to the bosses and see what they do, as you will need to react accordingly.

The Show Must Go On

If you find yourself in a sticky situation, do not panic! If you run out of health in the middle of a launch, you always have a second chance. If you can hit a potion before the turn is over, you will be saved and you can continue playing.

If your turn finishes and you are still at zero health, then your run is officially over. Never fear though, as the show must go on – your gold is tallied up one last time for another chance at the bonus wheel before you are kicked back to the main menu.

However, it is a little different this time. The final wheel provides you with unique trinkets, and whatever trinket you end up with will be in your inventory at the start of your second run. Remember: the more gold you have, the better the trinkets will be, making the early game of your next run potentially a bit easier.

For your next run, consider using a different hero. You never know what you will like until you try it, so be sure to experiment!

That is all for Roundguard. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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