Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe Guide: Tips & Cheats To Start the Adventure

Square Enix’s long running SaGa series has graced the mobile platform with Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe! Re;univerSe is a throwback to the series’ older games, featuring classic pixel art and a soundtrack that sounds straight out of a Super Nintendo game. If you are a fan of the older RPGs, Re;univerSe has something for you!

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In our Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics of battle and how to maximize the efficiency of your party members. We will also go over the various ways of powering up and progressing, so let’s get started with our Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe cheats, tips, and tricks strategy guide to start the adventure!

Start Working on the Story

Like many Japanese gacha RPGs before it, Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe is heavily dependent on your progression through the main story. Many essential features of the game are locked behind story progression, so you will need to work on that as soon as you can.

Equipment enhancement and advanced style training can only be done once you have progressed far enough into the story. Getting through the story should be the first thing you do, which takes quite a bit of time.

Thankfully, the game features auto-play that does a serviceable job. You have two options: normal and full power auto. Normal will make your characters only do their normal attacks, while full power will make them use the strongest attack they have at the time and if they have enough BP.

Normal auto is not recommended and should only be used on stages where your team is way overpowered against the enemies you will face. Full power does a good enough job that it will get you through most levels.

The one caveat is that auto play will never use overdrive, and this can be bad on levels where you must face off against a boss. We recommend taking manual control for these situations.

Combos & Overdrive

Combos will sometimes trigger randomly when your party members go up to attack. Combos can only trigger on moves that cost BP, so normal attacks cannot trigger a combo. When a combo happens, you will see all of your characters cut-in with a blue backgrounds.

During combos, all involved attacks are guaranteed to hit and they deal increased damage. Attributes are increased as well, meaning if you are hitting the enemy’s weakness with those combo attacks, they will deal increased damage!

Combos are nice, but due to their unpredictable nature they are hard to utilize on purpose since you do not know when they are going to activate. That is where Overdrive comes into play!

Whenever your party members attack or receive damage, they will flash yellow, indicating that their overdrive gauge is filling. When it is full, characters will gain a yellow aura around them until they use their overdrive.

On the next turn, characters can activate overdrive. Characters who overdrive and attack will ALWAYS go first in the turn order, no matter the agility of the enemies. If you have multiple characters overdrive on the same turn, they can combo together to deal massive damage.

To unleash a powerful attack, build meter for all five of your heroes, and also save some BP aside for their strongest attacks. When they are all ready, activate overdrive all on the same turn and have all of your characters use their strongest attack for a destructive 5-hit combo!

Overdrive combos are a great way to deal with bosses you will encounter throughout the journey, as they usually hold a lot of health.

Adjust Parties for Bosses

While auto-play is viable for most parts of the game, the bosses in Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe are actually quite challenge and need to be handled strategically.

For early parts of the game, your characters will not have too good of stats. That means their HP will be low, and the bosses will hit very, very hard. It is not uncommon for a few of your characters to go down in a single hit for some of the bosses.

Before you start a stage with a boss in it, you will see the boss’ portrait in the stage info screen. You can tap on it to gain some detailed and helpful information, such as the boss’ full resistances, attributes, and more.

If a particular boss is giving you a hard time, it helps to plan out your party members against it. Try to hit all of the boss’ weaknesses while covering your own for the easiest time, and remember to use overdrive combos!

Examining your Characters

As your character take part in battle, they may learn or “grasp” new skills and spells. We are not quite sure what the formula is behind this, but as we know is to just keep fighting with that character until they learn something new.

Your characters will also gain attributes as they battle. The characters themselves do not strictly level up in typical means, but they get stronger through their “styles,” which governs how their stats increase.

When editing your team, if you long tap on a character you can see their details. If you tap on the CP window (combat power – a measure of the character’s general strength), you can see a detailed look at their stats.

If you notice, you will see that some of their stats have green arrows next to them. These arrow signify that the stat in question is much easier to increase, which gives you an idea of how the character will be at full strength.

You can also tap on the style button to see the character’s base stats. You may be a little surprised to see that the base stats are very low and that the styles are where their true power comes from. More on that later!

Every character uses a weapon and has a role. Their role gives you a general idea of how the character is going to develop and what they are going to be good for. So far, we have seen four roles:

  • Attackers, the most common role. These styles have abilities that deal high amounts of damage.
  • Defenders are the “tanks” of the game. They have high END (endurance) and can take a lot of punishment before going down. Some even have abilities that force enemies to attack them.
  • Supporters have healing and buffing abilities. They can mend your team’s wounds and keep them fighting in the long run.
  • Jammers are tricky fighters that have abilities that focus on debuffing the enemy, enfeebling them and allowing your team to take advantage of their weaknesses.

Use these roles as an idea of how you want to setup your team.

Expeditions and Powering Up

Once you unlock the Dojo, you have access to a few ways of powering up your styles. When characters participate in battles, they will earn style experience. Style XP can be converted into style levels, which grants the character attribute boosts and more.

Style levels are important because not only do they earn more attributes, characters also unlock new abilities once they hit high enough style level. Remember that each style has its own individualized experience pool, so you do not have to worry about choosing who gets to level up.

In addition to this, there are also expeditions. There are four expeditions areas which can be broken down into difficulties: two are easy, one is normal, and the last one is hard.

Expeditions work like this: you set up a team of five characters and send them off to train. After a few hours, they will return with improved attributes, like how when you randomly get them after a battle is over.

This effectively means you can level up your characters while you are not actively playing the game, although if you want you can spend tickets to bring your team back immediately, benefiting from the attributes right away.

The difficulty of expedition must be appropriate for the style level, however. For example, the Caves is the first expedition, which makes it very easy to complete. This expedition is suitable for characters with up to 100 HP and up to 10 in all attributes.

If your characters are stronger than that, they will not benefit from the expedition as much. To help you with the micromanaging of stats, the game will mark recommended characters for the currently selected expedition with a red diamond.

You can also tell by simply looking at the team selection screen. You will notice glowing sparks forming around the characters. The more pronounced these effects are, the more likely the character is going to get an increase in attributes.

If you see a black squiggly cloud above any character, remove them as they will probably not benefit from the expedition.

Powering your attributes up through expeditions is probably the most important part of strengthening your characters, so be sure not to forget about it. Keep sending to your characters out to level them up!

Revisit Earlier Chapters

After you progress far enough in the main story, you will begin to unlock harder versions of previous chapters you have already cleared.

As you can imagine, the rewards in the hard mode versions of stages have been improved, making it worth you time to go back and attempt earlier stages on harder difficulties.

Namely, you can score some powerful gear from the hard mode stages. If your gear is falling behind your main team, then it is time to do some hard more stages.

Not only that, but stronger gear is worth more when enhancing at the forge, so either way you will be building up your arsenal of powerful gear.

To add onto this, the hard expedition is actually unlocked by beating a hard more stage, so start working on hard mode once you are ready!

Complete the Start Dash Missions

To celebrate the game’s launch, there is a “Start Dash” campaign going on to help new players. The Start Dash Missions are a list of beginner missions that are designed to familiarize yourself with the game’s main mechanics.

There are three steps to it, with nine missions per step. Completing the first step will reward you with a free SS rank supporter character, Sophia. Sophia can learn healing spells, so she is very helpful to have around during the early game.

The missions in the first step are not too hard to complete; players must progress through the story, return from expeditions instantly, and some miscellaneous stuff to complete step 1.

In addition to this, there are also regular missions. There are daily, weekly, main, and special missions. Completing daily missions rewards you with precious jewels, the premium currency of the game. Be sure to complete as many as you can.

But, what you really want is to look at the main missions. For completing episode 3 of the main story, you will receive another free SS rank character, Monika.

Monika is a defender type character with a taunt stance ability and increased END growth, making her a great tank for your starting team.

There are a few more SS rank characters that you will receive for free by simply progressing through the main story, so just keep playing and you will build up a great team in no time.

That’s all for Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe Guide: Tips & Cheats To Start the Adventure

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