Another really nice role playing game is going to be launched sometime this Summer on the App Store.

The Banner Saga, developed by Stoic Studio and published by Versus Evil, is going to reach iPads on a yet to be confirmed Summer release date.


The Banner Saga is a nice role playing game that sports an interesting mix between choice-based conversations, turn based battles and some survival traveling sections. The game’s overall style should be familiar to role playing games fans all over the world, as the team is made up of former Bioware employees. Bioware has developed some great role playing games like the Mass Effect and Dragon Age series.

As if the nice gameplay experience wasn’t enough, The Banner Saga also comes with a unique graphical style that makes the game even more charming. With such a combination of elements, The Banner Saga is a game that no true fan of role playing games should pass on.

The Banner Saga is now available for purchase on PC. It will launch on the App Store for iPad this Summer. We’ll let you know more about the game’s release date as soon as more news come in on it so stay tuned for all the latest updates.




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