A new really interesting role playing game has been released recently on the App Store, a completely free role playing game sporting a nice graphical style and gameplay experience.

Forestwalker, developed by Lawrence Sequino, stars a family with a peculiar trait: they are heroes. Even though the heroes have apparently retired, they find themselves taking up arms once again to protect their family, as their children have gone missing inside a mysterious forest.

The fable-like premise of Forestwalker is incredibly interesting and it is actually enhanced by some nice design choices. As stated above, this is a family of heroes and each member will be able to head into the forest and fight. All available character belong to a specific class with unique ability, allowing players to create a variety of parties that can overcome any challenge. Additional members are also unlocked when getting farther in the forest.

Forestwalker is a really unique role playing game that all fans of the genre will surely enjoy thanks to its unique premise and gameplay experience. The game is currently available for free on the App Store so make sure to give it a shot if you’re interested in it.




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