The lack of roguelike card games on the mobile platform has not gone by unnoticed, and we have developers like Pixel Cattle Games working diligently to fill that void. Their recent project, Dark Mist, is a new card battler that blends games like Slay the Spire and Hearthstone.

In Dark Mist, players will choose one of the four characters who stand to fight the hordes of monsters that are seeping from the mists. Each character has their own special abilities and unique playstyles, offering different ways of approaching combat.

As soon as the game start, monsters we begin pouring in from the top of the screen, and you must take them out line by line. Choosing which monsters to knock out first is the name of the game here, as prioritization is the key to survival.

In this game, your health is equal to the amount of cards left in your deck. Taking damage results in the enemy taking a card, and running out of cards means game over. Tactical fighting is encourage to minimize card loss!

Touch Tap Play always appreciates a good roguelike, and card battling is always interesting to throw into the mix. With over 200 cards and plenty of monsters and bosses to fight, Dark Mist is shaping up to scratch that roguelike itch.

Dark Mist is available now on the App Store for 0.99 USD.


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