Space is big. It’s so big that the tiniest, most inconceivably infinitesimal fraction of it is bigger than Middle Earth, Westeros, and Azeroth combined. That’s what makes space such a great setting for fiction – not only is it a real place, but it’s so massive that anything is possible there.

Sadly, no mobile multiplayer game has so far managed to exploit this potential for adventure. While there have been plenty of games set in space, none of them have captured the social complexity of, say, EVE Online for PC.

That’s all about to change with Rogue Universe, a huge, distinctively presented, massively multiplayer space game from developer MUSTGAMES, who received an Unreal Dev Grant to undertake the project courtesy of Epic Games (of Fortnite fame).

Rogue Universe involves completing missions, gathering resources, putting together an unassailable fleet of space ships, and much more. There are guilds to join, PvP, PvE, and an endgame that involves taking over the entire universe.

How you go about this is up to you. Rogue Universe lets you be nice, by joining forces with other players to take on NPCs and so on, but it also lets you be mean, by pillaging your fellow humans and running them off their home planets.

Not only can you choose your own path, but the path you choose has endless branches. To take one small example, you have to not only customise your ships, but also reinforce and stabilize them, and even dismantle them altogether for parts.

You can complete missions yourself, but you can also send your crew out to do it, delegating like the powerful space ace that you are.

And looming over everything are the three main alliances: the U.N.S., Zurich Bank, and Black Flag. You spend the game in and out of the favour of these alliances, and their presence adds vital texture to Rogue Universe’s sprawling world.

The game is now available for free download on both Google Play and the App Store in Canada.


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