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Rocket League Sideswipe System Requirements

Rocket League Sideswipe System Requirements
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It is not a secret how popular Rocket League Sideswipe is. That is why multiple players are curious about the proper system requirements to play the game smoothly and not to face any issues with hanging or other unpleasant stuff. So, we have created a detailed guide with the system requirements for each person who wants to enjoy the process of playing Rocket League Sideswipe to the fullest and never be frustrated with the system issues. Keep reading to know the details!

​System Requirements for Playing Rocket League Sideswipe Smoothly

Do you want a smooth run of Rocket League Sideswipe? Then open your device’s settings and compare them to the minimum required specifications noted below; if your device meets or even exceeds them, congrats! You can now start playing the game without any hesitations!

And now, let’s check the chart below to determine the minimum system requirements for playing Rocket League Sideswipe.

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Your operating system should be not less than 6.0, 64 bit with 2 GB RAM, and not less than 2 GB or more of available storage for all Android users. If you are a user of iOS, make sure that your operating system is not less than 12, 64 bit, with 2 GB RAM and not 2 GB or more of available storage.

In case you decide to give it a shot and play using the device that doesn’t meet the specifications above, we need to warn you that you may face performance issues during the process of playing.

So, check the specifications in the settings and enjoy playing the game!

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Rocket League Sideswipe System Requirements


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