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Rock of Destruction Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Rock of Destruction Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

It’s a rock for the ages! Rock of Destruction is a simple one-touch rock rolling game. Roll your boulder down the path with a conveniently placed village nearby. You probably know what comes next: DESTROY EVERYTHING! Our Rock of Destruction cheats and tips will show you how to master the rock rolling and roll in the destruction dough!

Rock of Destruction is fun and simple game when you just want to take a load off and roll over everything in sight. Let’s get to rolling with our Rock of Destruction cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Grab the purple gems but watch out!

When you’re rolling your power rock through the town, be on the lookout for purple trails radiating into the sky. These are the rare Purple Gems, and they’re worth 2.00k if you manage to nab one! You should always try to grab one of these gems but be careful – sometimes the game likes to spawn them in front of big obstacles, so if you don’t have enough power you will most likely crash.

Offline earnings aren’t that great!

Offline Earnings are self-explanatory: the higher your level is, the more money you make while the game is closed. It’s a bit low, though. You need to pour a ton of money into it before you start seeing big returns over long periods of time, and even then it’s probably better in the long run to just invest into rock power.

Use quick swipes for fine-tuning!

It’s not really explained in the game how to control the rock fully, so we’ll go over it with you here. If you swipe and hold, the rock will start to turn in that direction and speed up. Be careful with how long you hold the swipe – you might end up careening off course! Using firm but brief swipes should be enough to get yourself where you want to be.

If you do a small little “flick” swipe, your rock will inch over but not gain any momentum. You can use this technique to fine-tune your path if you don’t want to accidentally move too much. This is really helpful for getting gems that are in hard-to-reach spots, so keep it in mind!

Grow more powerful to break everything!

Remember those black buildings that you couldn’t bulldoze on your first pass through? Well with enough power upgrades, you’ll eventually be able to take down everything and we mean EVERYTHING! You’ve probably noticed by now but every time your power upgrades your rock gets bigger, and previously indestructible buildings will now gain color signifying that they can be ran over.

That’s all for Rock of Destruction! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Rock of Destruction Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


  1. Off line earnings are epic. You have to put a fair bit of money in but if you’ll keep your off line earnings 5 to 8 levels ahead of your power you’ll have enough money to keep buying the power ups. Like I’m a level 52 bolder with a level 58 offline earning potential I caught on to this trick because even as a level 50 boulder you can only make 150,000 per bowl but I can leave the game alone and in 30 minutes I’ve made 2 or 300 million dollar. I went to bed last night at 11:30 pm as a level 52 off line earner woke up this morning at 5:30am and had 1 billion 300 million in off line earnings that I doubled up on. You have to remember you want every dime you can get even more so than power ups mainly because power ups are so damn expensive and you grow at like 1 mm each power upgrade you buy. So is off line worth it to me yes but only if you got patience and you understand that you gotta spend money to make money in this game.


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