The Robot Unicorn will always want to be with you! Robot Unicorn Attack 3 features your favorite multicolored mythical beast back in another intergalatic adventure! This time around you’ll lead a team of unicorns runners living free and unbound by the chains of reality. You now have a citadel in this game where you’ll generate a new currency over time. You can spend this currency to gain new unicorns and use them to run or power up existing unicorns!

Ready to make believe? Let’s get started with our Robot Unicorn Attack 3 cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Use the dash for extra control!

Robot Unicorn by default has two jumps before it must land on the ground. At any point in the air you can use the dash to send yourself forward and lock your horizontal position. This sounds obvious, right? But this is a technique you’ll need to master once you’ve ran for a long time and the overall speed of the game gets really fast.

The stretches of land will become smaller and smaller while you’ll get faster and faster, and what that means is less chances for you to touch the ground safely. You need to do so eventually to recover your jumps so this is where dashing comes into play. Before committing to using your second jump, use your dash in mid air to gain extra distances or just to position yourself better.

2. Avoid the high routes!

Sometimes the path will split and you have the option of taking the higher or lower route. We recommend sticking to the lower routes because you can actually see what’s coming up. If you take the high routes, you will sometimes be forced to take a leap of faith without knowing exactly what’s below you. You might slam right into an enemy or fall into a pit! Sometimes there will be more tear stones and stuff on the higher routes, but it’s risk versus reward!

3. Smash all the star stones!

Star stones will show up periodically as you’re running. Like you learned in the tutorial, you can dash into them to break them. Not only are they worth 1000 points, but you also get bonus team experience points.

The more stars you break, the more experience points you get. This is really helpful if you end up with an unlucky run with one of your unicorns and you don’t get that much experience for you.

4. Use your old unicorns to level up!

You can do two things with old unicorns you don’t use anymore: fuse and level up. You can sacrifice them to level up the unicorns you actually use, and you can fuse them to improve the rarity. Before you do either action, make sure you plan out your moves.

Obviously you’re going to want to keep your higher rarity unicorns, but you also make regular unicorns pretty good through fusing. Each unicorn also has passive bonuses like increased score or increased tear stones. You may want to keep a dedicated team of runners for farming tear stones or points.

5. Raid before you leave!

If you’re planning on leaving the game for a bit, be sure to send out your unicorns on a raid. Raids take some time to complete depending on the difficulty of the raid, some of them taking up to six hours to complete! Unicorns that are out on a raid cannot be used for a run, so that’s why we recommend only raiding if you’re going to close the game for a while. Raiding is a great way to get more tear stones and soul crystals, so do it as much as you can.

That’s all for Robot Unicorn Attack 3. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!



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