Roblox Project Stars
Roblox Project Stars

The recently launched Project Star Roblox game is inspired by the infamous anime and manga series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Much like Roblox A Universal Time, there’s a variety of stands that you can obtain while you’re on the way to explore new places, fight big monsters, and compete with other players for reputation in the game.

Each stand possesses unique characteristics and summons randomly in Cairo City. Here’s a list of all the stands you can get so far Roblox Project Star:

  • Cream– 3% drop rate
  • Death Thirteen– 5% drop rate
  • Emperor– 20% drop rate
  • Hermit Purple– 10% drop rate
  • Horus– 6% Chance
  • Hierophant Green– 10% drop rate
  • Judgment– 15% drop rate
  • Magician’s Red– 5% drop rate
  • Prime Star Platinum The World– 0.25% drop rate
  • Silver Chariot– 10% drop rate
  • Star Platinum- 2.5% drop rate
  • Tower of Gray- 20% drop rate
  • Sun- 1% drop rate
  • The Fool- 7.5% drop rate
  • The World- 0.2% drop rate

You can obtain any of the above stands through one of the three Arrows available in Roblox Project Star. However, it’s worth noting that these arrows don’t have a fixed spot on the map. They randomly spawn in Cairo city, which is the core location of the map. And as we’ve mentioned earlier, you’ll receive a random Stand every time and it eventually depends on the Rarity of Arrow.

  • Stand Arrow- 1x Rarity
  • Unusual Stand Arrow- 1.5x Rarity
  • Gleaming Stand Arrow- 2x Rarity

So that’s everything you need to know about Stands in Roblox Project Stars. Meanwhile, don’t forget to check out our Roblox homepage for updated codes, tier lists, news and more.

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