Roblox Doors: How to Survive and Beat the Figure


There are many different interesting Roblox games. And some of the most popular are Horror games like Roblox Doors. In this game, you have to go through many different levels. At each level, you will be hunted by various entities who want your death. And in this guide, we will tell you how to survive and beat the Figure in Roblox Doors.

How to Survive the Figure

In Roblox Doors, you not only need to run and hide from the entities but also solve different puzzles. And some of them can be quite complex. And once on the 50th floor, players often cannot understand what they need to do to escape from this floor.

The 50th floor is a library with a Figure that will hunt for you. This entity is blind, but it can hear you. The only way to survive is to listen carefully to the sounds of the Figures and hide in the closets. Moreover, when the Figure approaches the closet in which you hid, a mini-game begins. You will need to press the Q and E keys or the left and right mouse buttons in time. And if you miss twice, you will be thrown out of the closet into the hands of the Figure. We also recommend after winning the mini-game, wait for the Figure to move a little further away, and only then exit.

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How to Beat the Figure

To escape from the 50th floor, you need to collect a Clue Sheet and 8 Books. Usually, this Sheet lies on the table on the lower floor. And the Books will hang around a bit on the various bookshelves. You need to explore the entire library to find the Books you need. And, of course, all this time, do not forget to hide from the Figure.

Once you have collected all the necessary items, you must find out the code for the combination lock. And this is quite simple. Each book has a serial number and a symbol. And on the Clue Sheet, you can see the numbers for each symbol. You need to put the numbers in the right order to find out the correct code. Finally, use this code to open the door and escape from the 50th floor.

That’s all you need to know about surviving and beating the Figure. Follow our advice, and you will be able to escape from this entity without any problems. And while you are here, take a look at our guide on how to get Coins and Revive.

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Roblox Doors: How to Survive and Beat the Figure


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