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Roblox Cookie Clicker Codes (July 2023)

Get the latest Roblox Cookie Clicker codes and redeem them for free rewards before they expire!

One thing is certain—I can verify that Roblox Cookie Clicker is as addictive as the original Cookie Clicker game. The mechanic of the game is rather simple—you click on the big cookie to make your supplies and slowly but surely unlock upgrades and buildings that will help you make more cookies for the same amount of time and clicks.

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However, there is no need to lose all feeling in your hand from all that clicking. You can redeem free Roblox Cookie Clicker codes and get Golden Cookies and Reindeer Cookies that will speed up the whole process by multiplying your rates or unlocking special upgrades. Don’t forget to claim these amazing freebies before the codes expire! If you’re looking for more similar Roblox experiences, you can try Roblox Castle Tycoon and build your kingdom faster with the help of some free codes for this game that you can find on our website.

All Roblox Cookie Clicker Codes

Working Roblox Cookie Clicker Codes

Here are all the codes for Roblox Cookie Clicker that are still working at the moment:

  • NegativeCookies—Get a 5-min Golden Cookie
  • 500KVISITS—Get 5 Reindeer Cookies and 1 Golden Cookie
  • milk13—Get a Golden Cookie

Expired Roblox Cookie Clicker Codes

These Roblox Cookie Clicker codes are no longer working:

  • 10k_special—Get 3 Reindeer Cookies
  • 100k—Get 3 Reindeer Cookies

How to Redeem Codes in Roblox Cookie Clicker

It is quite easy to redeem codes in Roblox Cookie Clicker when you figure out where the code-redeeming option is. Here are the step-by-step instructions:

How to redeem codes in Roblox Cookie Clicker
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  1. Start Roblox Cookie Clicker
  2. Click on the bird icon in the top right corner (next to the cogwheel icon for the Settings menu)
  3. Type in your code or copy and paste one into the Enter Code Here text box in the pop-up window
  4. Hit the Submit Code button below to claim your rewards

Where to Find More Roblox Cookie Clicker Codes

The easiest way to get all the latest codes for Roblox Cookie Clicker is to bookmark this article and open it from time to time to get updates as we find new codes for you when they appear. Alternatively, you can look for more codes on the game’s home page on Roblox. There is also the Cookie Clicker Discord channel, where developers post all kinds of announcements about the game, and you can check the developer’s Roblox profile page as well.

Why Aren’t My Roblox Cookie Clicker Codes Working?

Since the reason number one for codes not working in Roblox games is misspelling, we advise you to copy and paste the codes you want to use instead. It is really easy to end up with a typo since codes are often case-sensitive and contain strange combinations of letters, numbers, and/or special symbols.

You might also run into codes that have expired even though they’re on our Working list. That can happen if the developers don’t specify expiration dates for the codes. In such cases, please, let us know in the comments, and we will check the code for you and update our lists accordingly.

How to Get More Free Rewards in Roblox Cookie Clicker

Besides redeeming codes in Roblox Cookie Clicker, the easiest way to score some more freebies is to focus on completing in-game achievements. You can find all the tasks in the Achievements tab, where you can also claim the rewards for the tasks you had already completed. You can get additional cookies, Click Boost potions and more.

Also, we advise you to check the game’s official Discord server for more information on upcoming or ongoing special events, giveaways, and contests where you can win Robux, game passes, and more.

What Is Roblox Cookie Clicker?

Roblox Cookie Clicker is a fan-made homage to the original Cookie Clicker browser game that first appeared in 2013. The goal is to make more cookies by clicking and unlocking all kinds of buildings and upgrades to improve your cookie-making rates. The game contains several useful boosts, like Gold Cookies or Reindeer Cookies, that bump up your cookies-per-click rates, which you can get for free by redeeming Roblox Cookie Clicker codes.

For more free rewards in your other Roblox games, you can explore the rest of our dedicated Codes section here on TouchTapPlay!

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Roblox Cookie Clicker Codes (July 2023)